Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year in Review

January 2010
cleaning out and beginning fresh.

a space of my own

February 2010
collecting inspirations...

02 03 10 003

March 2010
a month of few shots
but this one stood out to me
as i can remember this exact moment
while making dinner.


April 2010
we spent much more time outside
eating dinner on the porch
playing in the woods
building forts from trimmed branches
enjoying the near-perfect weather.

04 14 10 009

May 2010
i discovered film again.
in the form of disposables for a flickr group that i joined.
it didn't take very long at all to realize that i wanted to
move forward with my discovery of film and get a real
slr camera, preferably an older one.

making granola

June 2010
my boys fishing on mobile bay
while we were visiting my in-laws at a vacation house.
june was another month of very little photo posting.
maybe it was just the beauty of that time of year keeping me away :)

fishing at sunset

July 2010
the month of heat and swimming pools
and firecrackers and watermelon eating.


August 2010
the month of family vacation
and swimming in cold mountain creeks
and eating in restaurants and riding in the car
for long stretches and wearing sandals and
tank tops and sun dresses and enjoying so much
just being with each other.


September 2010
a great month for sure!
a night in a hotel,
a john mayer concert with my man,
this was the month we went from a no-dog
family to a two-dog family (!!),  the month
we finished our summer with the last of the
tomato sandwiches and cucumber salad, and began
to have that familiar ache for autumn.


October 2010
this is the month i finally got
the older slr that i had imagined - a minolta xg-1 that
is about 30+ years old, i enjoyed taking my first roll
and instantly fell in love with the quality that film gives an image.
i turned 36  this month, went to a car show with the family, went
to a Bon Jovi concert on the beach with my mom, and almost created
a photography page on facebook until i thought better of it.  i'm glad
that i opted not to do it and also glad that i hardly ever visit that place now.

film.  picnic.

 November 2010
a month of cookie baking and soup making
and enjoying autumn and giving thanks
and making home a comfy place to be.

December 2010
a month of more shopping than i'm comfortable with,
a month of planning and giving and baking
and thinking and hesitation and letting go.
a month of reflection and parties and family
and friends and good times and anxious moments
and lights and sparkles and love and sacrifice.


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