Friday, February 18, 2011

headache awareness

I saw this video several days ago and it sent chills through me as I watched her stumble around her words
and I saw the look in her eyes, a look too eerily familiar.

You can see the problem filmed here:

When Ethan had his episode back in November he had this same style of slurred speech and absolutely
the same look in his eyes.  The helpless look that let me know that he could not communicate what was
really happening.

You can read in this short article, her response to what happened and the fact that her doctors have diagnosed it as a complicated migraine that mimics stroke symptoms, most likely Basilar-Type migraine.  

Ethan had the same numbness and blurred vision that this reporter mentions as well, along with other terrible symptoms. All of his tests (EKG, CAT scan, x-rays, sleep study, MRI, EEG) came back perfectly normal and he has had no recurrence of the symptoms nor another headache since then, thankfully.  So, the diagnosis for the episode he suffered was Basilar-Type migraine.  This was not his first migraine, but certainly his first with these scary symptoms.

I've tried to eliminate all processed foods and restaurant visits are kept at a minimum, with those places using MSG not even being an option.  I make most all things homemade these days, trying to avoid any possible migraine triggers.  And I watch him and pray that we never have to go through that again.

I just find it strange that even in the above article, where the reporter explains what happened, there isn't even a mention of specific migraine types and not even a link to click to find out more.  It's almost as if somehow this information is kept as a secret and only a few members of the club mention it from time to time.  I think there needs to be more of an awareness for this these types of migraines. I never even knew the possibility existed for symptoms like these and I've personally suffered from migraines since childhood.  I have learned just how scary migraines can be.

So, if you suffer from migraines,
or know someone who does,
pass the word around.
This just may be the information they need one day.


luksky said...

I think the "medical industry" tries to keep people sick and from finding cures purposely. It's a billion dollar business...if folks aren't sick, somebody's not making any money.

Cora said...

Thank you for sharing this and making us more aware. I had no idea that this could happen during a migraine. Bless her heart and Ethan's too. I pray he never has to go through that again. I'm glad you care enough to try and protect him from another occurance.