Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Week


This week has gone by in a rush.
The days all melting together...
Some times are like that - filled
with busyness and work and
happiness and never-ending
to-do lists.  Then you wake up
and realize that an entire week
has passed in the blink of an eye.


This week I was lucky enough to take
a moment to have lunch out by myself.
I picked up some tulips to keep on the
table, bringing a little springtime inside
the house.  The weather is still incredibly
beautiful...warm and springy, with gorgeous
light filtering in during the morning hours.


I bought the kids an Ugli fruit at the store this week.
It was delicious.  It's huge really, and has thick green skin
and tastes like a cross between orange and grapefruit,
but was incredibly juicy.  I'd rather buy the kids some
strange fruit to try instead of candy or gum to bring
home as a surprise.

u g l i

Along with the early arrival of spring, all the
spring and summer clothes from last year have
replaced the sweat pants and jackets in the kids'
rooms.  We even had to go shopping for shorts
and tees this week for those who had completely
outgrown last year's sizes.  New shoes and sandals
were bought, too.  I even stopped to get myself
a new pair of flip flops.


This week also consisted of:

a checkup at the doctor

we finished reading Inkheart aloud, outside
in the sunshine on a blanket. 

I found this audio book...although it is only
about an hour long, the message is wonderful.
I've listened to it many times so far.

I bought the kids their own alarm clocks
so that they can wake themselves every morning
rather than depending on me to wake them.

both the puppies were neutered and we're
in recovery mode this weekend.

the kids actually got in my mom's swimming
pool for a few minutes this week...swimming
in February sounds crazy!

I've become a big fan of this product, putting
in my second order for some more scents.

I've altered my diet just a bit since my month-long
vegan experiment didn't work out as I had hoped.
Although I watched my protein intake and sources
carefully, I still felt incredibly run down and tired
at the end of the month.  So, back to animal-based
protein I go.  I felt better even after my first egg.  :)

I cleaned out the girls' room just a bit, avoiding the
closet until a later date.

I picked up some paint samples for the exterior
of our house, the bathroom, hall, and the
boys' room.  There will be some
redecorating done here this spring!

So, as we enter the last day of the weekend
I am thankful for a full week of busyness, but
also hoping that the next week will be slower.
I do love my time for flickr and blogging and
at least a moment to upload for my 365 project.

Happy Sunday!


justine said...

sounds like you have had a very productive week, love your shots this week. Sorry the vegan diet dinner work out.

Li + Belle said...

I love the books by Cornelia Funke. Inkheart is - I believe - the first book that Cornelia Funke has written in the English language and not in German.
How did you like the book? And your children?