Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy Day

r a i n y

This morning was filled
with grocery shopping and
running around town to a
couple of different health
food stores to find some
ingredients I've been wanting
and to find some coconut milk
and coconut coffee creamer.

I also have been in search of
miso paste and wakame to make
some miso soup and finally found
what I needed today.  I am so
happy to have found them!

I suppose you can see that I've
been altering my eating habits
lately.  I haven't said much about
it, but am making the changes for
myself, for health, for feeling better.
I'm eating all fresh veggies and whole
grains, no meat, fish, eggs or dairy.
So far, so good.  I'm just happy to
have finally found some of the things
I've been wanting to find for so long.

This afternoon the rain has settled
in and the skies are dark and the floors
are damp and the kids are in tv mode.
Luckily we had a new Netflix movie
in the box today...Space Buddies.
My girls love a good dog movie!

I also made a run to the library to pick
up my desperately wanted new reads.
I can't tell you how long of a weekend
it was waiting for these books to be
put on hold.  Tonight I'm diving in!

1 comment:

justine said...

gosh that is quite a list to cut out, do you still have caffeine? I wish I was as disciplined, does the whole family do it? must be hard cooking different meals. I love your rainy day shot and enjoy your reading!