Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Bits


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random bits:

  •  It's early Sunday morning...before dawn
  • The house is quiet and the coffee is so good
  • I've spent some time looking through my photo archives and picking out a few more to keep.
  • I've been longing for the brighter, warmer days of spring.  I'm so over this whole winter thing.
  • I've been making a list of all the spring projects that i'd like to tackle - painting, rearranging, redecorating a bit.
  • Some things have already been started and I feel better for it.  
  • I need want a few things from up in town today, but I think i'll wait until I actually need to go tomorrow.  It all can wait.
  • The girls are excited about a Valentine's party with our homeschool friends tomorrow.  I really need to make extra effort to do more things like this...or at least to get out of the house more.  
  • Sometimes I wonder if my staying home so much is rooted deeper than just wanting to be here...I sometimes wonder if it's more of a problem, home being where I feel safest so that I hardly ever venture out other than to grab the weekly groceries. hmmm....
  • We have Valentines to prepare and boxes to decorate, so today should be fun.
  • Claire's 6th birthday is on Tuesday so we've got some fun things to make and plan for that.
  • I honestly can't believe that my baby is six.  What is it about being past the age of five to make the reality of it hit home.  Although she is my baby, the baby of the family, she's is certainly not a baby anymore.  {sigh}
  • Today I  may go out and plant some English Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, and potato sets.....I feel up to it.  However, once I go through the course of the morning with the kids and school work and chores, who knows if I'll feel up to it when it actually counts.  :)  Let's hope I do.


Kenneth Larsson said...

Very nice pictures! I like them very much!

Have a nice day! :-)

Yolanda said...

What size do you do your banner?