Monday, February 14, 2011

V a l e n t i n e



The last couple of days were spent making valentine gifts...little heart-shaped baskets full of
Valentine suckers and little stickers


02 14 11_0265

This morning I'm up early to make the kids some heart-shaped lemon
muffins for breakfast.  This being the beginning of our Valentine's celebration
for the day.  The girls are looking forward to the party we're attending later
today and we've still got just a few more special love notes to write.

b e l i e v e

And, to you.... Happy Valentine's Day!
May you believe in the magic of love.  ♥


justine said...

wonderful! happy valentine's day to you

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. Your pictures are so beautiful. Just lovely. Visiting via Keli's recommendation today. So glad I popped in for a visit. I love your pictures. I added you to my favorites as soon as I saw your pretty header. It reeled me in!

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

oh yeah ... were your ears burning today? b/c i mentioned you on my blog. ;) love ya, sandra! xoxo

happy valentine's day!

Cora said...

Such special crafty times with the nice and so many memories being doesn't get much better than that! Hope you all had a lovely happy day!