Monday, March 14, 2011



A whole week.  gone.
It's amazing how fast the days go by.
By the time I was ready to make another
post a few days ago, the news of the quake
in Japan was making headlines all over the internet
and I started to read and watch and hear
about all the devastation that was occuring.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I do not
watch news programs...or even my own local news broadcasts.
Newscasts have always put a somewhat crippling burden
on my mind and heart.  I always seem to keep those bad
stories and reports really close and I find it hard to let go.
That, in turn, makes me miserable.  I honestly can't bear it
most of the time and find myself swimming in a mental
sea of blackness.  I gave up watching any of it several years
ago and only tune in when something really important is
going on.


I have to say that this time it was really important.
Heartache is the only way to describe what I've felt for
those beautiful people.  I can only say that it is unimaginable
to me, what's going on over there.  I can't imagine the mental,
emotional, and physical exhaustion those people are feeling
as they are desperate for basic food and water and as they
are trying desperately to account for their families.  I cannot imagine.
I wish I could help...

I can only send my prayers to those people, asking God to
renew their spirits, strengthen their bodies and minds and souls,
and give peace to their hearts.

I did find one way to help today.  And a great thing is that you get something
beautiful in return.  Erica Ray and friends are offering a choice of 8x12 prints
for an affordable price with all proceeds from this sale being given to the
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Do yourself a favor and check it out...the prints are beautiful.


Over the last several days I've been doing a lot of quiet thinking about the situation
in Japan, trying hard to understand.  Although I fully realize it's not my burden
to understand it, but rather my burden to offer my help, support, and prayers
for those people in the best way I can.  That is really all that matters, taking
care of each other,  showing kindness and compassion, and loving deeply.

a little about today's photo here.

Today, I took a break from our regular school-day routine and decided to go out
in the sunshine, work in the yard, take some photos, read a little, have lunch at
the picnic table, listen to some music, all while being as mindful as I could be about
all the daily luxuries that I take for granted, the moments to fill my spirit, the moments
of quietness that I steal, the security I feel in my family and home, the deep love that
I feel for those close to my heart and even for so many that I have never even met,
and most of all for those four healthy souls that I've been entrusted with.  Today,
I'm mindful of my many blessings in the midst of so many horrible things going on
in this world, making sure not to take even one second for granted.


Erika said...

Thank you so much for your purchase & the love you're sending!

Cora said...

I'm right there with you. I do not watch the news either. My heart has been grieving a lot lately. So many prayers, thoughts, and acts of kindness and compassion being offered is what this world needs right now!

Lina said...

Beautiful post, Sandra. I felt it in my soul and the last paragraph brought tears.