Monday, March 7, 2011

mindful today


Today I tried to stay mindful of the little things around me.
Things like:

the quiet of daybreak

the early morning sunlight breaking in through the windows

the puppy letting me know that he's awake and ready to go out

the kids' alarm clocks buzzing followed by the sound of opening doors and shuffling feet

the quiet moments after they wake, sitting on the couch, awaiting a turn in the shower

the hour i took away this morning to talk to my mom on the phone and finally finish my roll of film.  it's now on its way to the lab and i can't wait to see what is revealed in a couple of days.

the smell of breakfast in the house

the sound of school book pages being turned and the occasional questions

the sound of the boys taking turns reading aloud a book that they thought they wouldn't like, then hearing them comment about how great the book is turning out to be

the midday phone call from darrell to talk a few minutes about how our mornings have been...i look forward to it each time

the sound of guitars being played in the afternoons

the girls playing dress-up

eating apples for snack...these last ones have been so good

counting my glasses of water, making sure to drink plenty

preparing dinner in peace while the kids are outside playing...again

hearing the boys feed the dogs and take them for their evening walks

anticipating darrell coming home from work and feeling excited that is off again tomorrow

Now I'm looking forward to a good quiet evening....browsing around for a new book to read.  The last two on my list have fallen flat.  I'm beginning to realize why I like thriller/horror novels.  :)

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justine said...

oh I am so with you on this list, what a great list and a lovely shot especially in black and white.