Monday, February 28, 2011

month ending

s l o w

To wrap up this not-so-bad month of February, I spent the weekend
watching a couple of my favorite movies.  Long days doing regular
things and spending the afternoons wrapped up in a couple of the
best stories ever. 

02 28 11_0448

This afternoon I actually spent some time sewing.  That is something I haven't done
in so very long.  I always intend to, pulling out little stacks of fabric and
keeping ideas filed away in my mind, but I never seem to actually get to it.
This time I did it, letting everything else like the laundry and dinner
and the floors and the dust wait a while.  Tomorrow I'll make the backing
for the two pillow cover fronts and finish them.  I think they'll be perfect
for bringing in a little color to my bedroom.  Now I almost feel the urge
to get out a few more projects and begin.  :)

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justine said...

great films! love your sewing shot, a wonderful capture