Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Bits


For the last week I've had a really sick little one,
running temp every afternoon and evening and hanging
onto a nagging cough while another little one is trying
really hard not to be sick with a nagging cough of her own
but thankfully no fever to speak of.


I have two boys that quickly decided they wanted
to learn to play piano.  So on YouTube they have
basically taught themselves some seriously
great music.  I'm really astounded with the rate
in which they've picked up the songs and also
remembered them.

film, blooms, sun
film: kodak portra nc 400

Today I've been cleaning clutter from our school supplies, sorting
through every crayon, marker, colored pencil, stacks of art papers,
reading books, some curriculum books that I'm ready to part with
and also relocating all the lost rolls of tape and scissors.  I'm going
to be so very happy to finish it this afternoon.

The boys and I have started another book to read aloud, Whispering
to Witches, I'm already loving it and would love to go in and speed
read through it, but I'm restraining myself so that we can enjoy it together.
It has a bit of a Harry Potter-ish feel to it.

I've begun reading a couple of personal growth books this week, too:
The Courage to be Yourself and Life is a Verb.  I have to say that
they have been incredible so far.  Each time I take a break to sneak
in a few pages, the words jump out at me as if they were written just
for me, making me leave them for a while to contemplate just what
the meaning is for me.  I love when I read books like these; the promise
of great change dangles from each page and I'm excited to see
where they take me.

afternoon tea
film: kodak portra nc 400

The next couple of days will be full of family time
since Darrell will be off of work.  However, he and
the boys need to finish building gates for our new fence
and also I've put a raised garden bed on his list.  I have
asparagus plants who are dying to get in the ground.  :)

Did you know that Kylie and I are back at A Mindful Home?
We are!  We took a little break away at the beginning of
the year, but have since returned in the last few weeks.
Come on over and visit us there as we share the dailiness
of our lives from different parts of the world.

{Oh...for anyone who home schools...if you're interested in
any free curriculum, let me know and I can give you a list of
the few things I'm ready to part with and I will get it out to you
if you decide you want it.}

Happy Wednesday!


justine said...

such lovely peaceful and serene shots. I will check out your other blog too

happysnapshots said...

Just came across your blog - so lovely! I always swoon for film. I especially like the last photo of the tea.