Thursday, March 3, 2011

this day

morning snack


the morning light was beautiful

breakfast was shared with darrell since it's his day off,
along with good conversation and a pot of coffee

more garden seeds were sown
more tiny seedlings were planted

dirt was under my fingernails
and between my toes
and stuck to the bottoms of my flip flops

the breeze grew into outright wind
as the clouds took over the afternoon

i could hear darrell and the boys
working on the fence outside
through the open windows

at the same time i could hear the girls jumping
on the neighbor's trampoline
and would peek at them while
i made salad and chicken for lunch

we sat together at the table for lunch
laughing and planning and talking

more coffee was sipped as i
stole a moment to browse a few
blogs and photos

darrell offered to take the kids
out tonight to a parade and let me
have some time alone, but it's so hard
to miss out on that family time.
{and let me admit here my hesitancy to not
accompany the girls...they're still so little.  i'm guilty.}
i think i may join them instead.  :)

tonight will be cooler i think, so i'll
need to gather the sweaters and jeans
for the girls to put on, being careful not
to forget my own sweater.

although i really dislike crowds
and noise
and obnoxiousness
i'm sure that tonight will be a good one.
it always is.  i always have fun once i'm there.

have a great thursday evening, all!


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

i hope this doesn't go through twice ... i got an error message the first time.

i was just saying that i love reading about your life - it makes me actually look forward to the older kid phase of my life. i mean, i love the here and now, and i'm embracing it for all it's worth. but i'm also eager about having older kids, too.

anyway, have fun tonight!!

justine said...

you have such a great way with words and I love this shot.