Friday, March 18, 2011



today the sun has shone beautifully
and right now, at 4:35pm, it's 82 degrees
outside, the windows are open and it feels perfect.

today, since darrell was home from work, we decided
to bite the bullet and go mattress shopping.  that is
sort of exhausting.  especially when i walk in and see
all the "good" mattress sets priced at thousands of dollars.
we tried out a few, putting a few on the list, with my most favorite
being the higher priced, of course.  we came back home,
discussed it, and then i sent him back to the store to buy the
the cheapest of the sets we liked.  and now that it's here,
i think it will be perfect.

film - kodak portra nc 400

today we picked up steaks for dinner.
that's something we very rarely have and
i always find, that much like seafood, they're
always better when cooked at home.  my sweet
potatoes are baking right now and we'll have
salad to finish the meal.  and since it's so nice
outside, we may just eat out at the picnic table.

today i finally received the prints from my
last roll of film.  i'm pleased with the processing
of this roll although it takes a bit longer with
mail order.  i noticed that the large majority
were all taken in the kitchen.  i just found it
funny that i like to photograph all our food
and food prepping...maybe i should be writing
a food blog, lol!  however, maybe i'll find
myself outside a bit more now that it's spring
and everything seems so much brighter.  i think
i'll go grab my cameras and head outside
to finish dinner.

happy friday night all.

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Yolanda said...

Have a wonderful weekend. I wish it were that warm here. What are you reading right now? I am reading Friendship Bread. I am so missing the south right now.