Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring snapshots




all in lavender.
i wish you could have smelled
the sweet scent of all the
wisteria blooms last week.
so fleeting.


we're still having a bit
of a rough go
around here this week.
one child finally well,
another child sick,
and a super-tired mama and
daddy running on
very little sleep,
but my fingers are crossed
that we'll come out
feeling better than ever
by the weekend.


luksky said...

We used to have a wisteria bush(tree) in our backyard in Alabama. I loved the smell when it bloomed. I don't have anything but prickly pear and mesquite trees in my backyard here. I do miss the Alabama vegetation...

Urban Mama said...

i love lavender, i keep some dried in my home for the winter. beautiful photographs. just waiting for the snow to finally melt here so things can bud.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love it so much. Very, very pretty. Isn't that color one of the best colors on the planet?