Sunday, May 22, 2011


This week has been both great in creative ways, yet stressful in others.  I've learned a few new things about my creative self this week with Creativity Boot Camp and have enjoyed spreading my branches just a bit further and discovering new art forms that I'm really loving at this moment.  The kids have benefited from this as well, joining in with me all week long, leaving an art-loved kitchen as proof! I'm so glad that there is one more week to go and can't wait to see what more my eyes will be opened to.

In the stressful portion of this post lies the ever growing prices of food and everyday living that has begun to, honestly, freak me out.  I'm feeling forced to make some changes to the ways I shop and the food choices that I'm used to making along with many of the personal products that we have grown to love.  With my family of six, the weekly cost has grown to a staggering amount, one that I'm determined to change while reserving as much of the quality as I can.  I'm totally ready to learn the ropes of the coupon game while keeping my mind open for other chances to save. I'm not looking to become the new crazy-coupon-lady, but rather a mom determined to save money and still feed her family well.

"Start by doing what is necessary;
then do what is possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

This week I'll begin researching the best ways to save, using only cash money and no debit card, using the coupons I already have and only for the products that I use, and jotting down notes from a couple of different stores including their prices and coupon policies.  There's a lot of work involved, but if it pays off right it could become the paying equivalent of a part-time job.  :)  We'll see how it hopes are high!

The kids have been swimming for a large majority of their free time this weekend and are so tired and pink and freckled.  I'm  hoping that they all sleep good tonight.  I'm looking forward to the coming week, becoming a better household manager, completing Creativity Boot Camp, and more than anything just spending time with the kids.

I hope your weekend was a great one!


luksky said...

I've tried the coupon thing before but don't seem to have the knack for juggling a list and a stack full of coupons. I also found that most of the time the coupon didn't save me anything if I bought the generic brand. There are coupon success stories out there though...I'm sure you are smart enough to do it and do it well. :-)

Spaz said...

Sandra, I LOVE my a bundle & have a nice stock-pile of useful items! The key to my couponing is shopping sales WITH coupons. Winn Dixie has become my new favorite store with BOGO (Buy One, Get One) combined with my $5 off $55. Yes, I do buy some junk food, but with a hungry teen & tween, it's nice to have things they enjoy for treats.

At Target you can stack a Target coupon WITH a manufactures...combine that with a sale and you've got a pretty good price, most times.

I now shop CVS for almost all my personal care items as I receive ECB (Extra Care Bucks) that I use to help pay for the next weeks purchase.

There are some great websites that do all the work for you. You just need to clip & plan.

Also...back to the stockpile...with a nice stockpile of useful items, you build you meals according to what you have on-hand and never have to worry about not having items to pull together a great meal...and of course if us mothers beome ill and can't shop that week, the family won't starve to death as you've got a nice stash easy to prepare foods.

Good luck! We simply MUST have a park day and discuss this awesome hobby!

justine said...

hope your coupon saving goes well. I have tried but failed there.