Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just now

Just now

...outside my window as I sit at the computer
these hydrangeas are a gorgeous pink filled
with the morning's sunlight and cool, crisp air.

...the kids are just beginning to move around and
I'm hearing showers run and doors gently opening
and closing

...I'm returning from my morning walk. These last
few days I've walked iPod-free, listening only to my
own thoughts and senses, hearing the birds chirp
and the squirrels run away as I get too close.
It has turned a usually void morning chore into a
more beautiful meditative process.

...I'm about to get dressed and start breakfast
for the kids. We should be off to the library today,
a little grocery fill-in, and then to a new
farmer's market that is trying to get started.

...creating is also on my list for today and I'm surprised
with how my own direction last night in my art journal led
me to a perfect place for this morning's prompt over at
Creativity Boot Camp. There are some things in life in
which you're sure of and this creative outlet and the way
I'm including the kids with me is absolutely one of those things.
I feel like, for once, I'm in exactly the right place at
exactly the right time.

Wishing you a Tuesday full of blessings. xo


Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

What a beautiful post to begin my day! Lovely photos and happy words. :)
Have a wonderful day, my friend!

justine said...

Love that second shot and it sounds like you are in a great place right now