Friday, May 27, 2011

Savings Update

05 27 11_2146

After deciding last week to make a real effort with saving money on groceries, I began the week by clipping the coupons I had and attempting my hand at the drugstore game.  I didn't need a ton of groceries this week since I had quite a few items in my freezer and pantry, but needed just a few things like coffee, cereal, shampoo, soap, etc.  I sat down, looked over the three major drugstore ads and found that CVS had way better deals this week.  So, I matched my coupons with only the things I needed, taking into account all the things CVS was offering the Extra Care Bucks on this week, making sure I was only buying it if I needed it.    Then once all the items I needed were decided upon, I made two lists, one for all the items that were offering the ECBs and one for all the other items that did not.  My lists were very detailed so that I wouldn't mess up and end up costing myself money.

I went into the store, bought my list of items offering ECBs then took those items out to the car, clipped my ECBs from my first receipt and went back in.  I gathered my other items and paid for them mostly with ECBs and just a little cash.  All in all, I got tons of stuff that I needed which included enough haircare products, body wash, and toothpaste to last at least a couple of months or more and most of the food items that I needed for the week - plus the $10 gas card that was on promotion for this week.  I paid about $100 for $220 worth of products.  I made one other trip to the local grocery store to grab some chicken that was on sale this week and spent just  a few more dollars.   So, where I'd normally report spending $275-$300 in a week, this week's grand total ended up at $154, happily... with most of my personal care products in a small stockpile!

05 27 11_2156

Next week I'll need to actually go into town for my groceries and am preparing to stack my Target coupons with matching manufacturer's coupons to get the best deals there and, without a doubt, check in with the local drugstores, too.  Along with menu planning and coupon clipping, I'm still making as much homemade food as possible.  I'm still making bread and the garden is finally producing enough food so that probably half of what we eat for dinner each night comes from our own back yard.

05 27 11_2159

I'm curious to see what my total savings will end up being in about three months.  I'm also curious about online places to get coupons or other money saving ideas.  I'm not sure about paying for coupons through websites....that just seems weird to me.  I'd love any input you have about which sites you visit if you happen to play the coupon game.  :)


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

nice!! i did that a lot when i just had emma, but i couldn't keep up with it after lucy was born. i hope to get back into coupons when she gets a little more independent. :)

radiantreflections said...

oh wow, you are doing so well! we don't have coupons here like the ones in the US it seems. Of course, we have them on the back of dockets and a couple in the paper, but nothing like the 50% michaels or Jo ann ones etc. i have heard about!
Do you read blogher? there is a section to help you coupon over there ...