Monday, July 25, 2011

Right Now

 07 21 11_2315

  • My boys began playing basketball last week, getting into their first practices this week.

  • My boys also turned 13 yesterday!  I can hardly believe they're 13 seems like only yesterday that I was chasing their little blonde heads around the playground, maneuvering a double stroller through store aisles, dressing them in all the cute clothes that I wanted....  

  • These days are full of brothers who actually get along, boys who are officially as tall/taller than me, boys who wear a men's size 12 shoe, boys who love their family, boys who have made me so very proud to be their mom.  They are everything I ever wished for and so much more.  ♥

  • 07 21 11_2317

    • These last few weeks have been full of me stepping back, into life, with both feet.  Mostly without a camera lens at my eye, without a constant need to "capture."  Sometimes that whole concept is just overwhelming and when it feels as such the best thing to do is to slow down, step back, and just live.  Live every moment in the moment, just let it go.
    • I'm feeling better lately for many reasons including the slowing down, regaining control over my diet and exercise again, and taking time to just be.  To quietly be. (Or as much as possible with a house full of kids...)

    07 21 11_2320

    • The girls have been all talk and silliness lately.  So much, talk, talk.  All about being singers and actresses and dancers, questions about moving to California to be closer to show business, planning on taking dance lessons and possibly singing lessons, gymnastics or acrobatics, wanting something to do so that there's a stage in front of a large audience involved....oh yeah.  We're dreaming big around here.  :)
    • Along with all the talk, there's also been a lost front tooth this week, painted toenails, new hair accessories, and a big helping of all things girlie.

    07 21 11_2327

    • In other news, Darrell and I celebrated our 16th anniversary yesterday as, well, we actually celebrated it last week since we share that date with the boys' birthday.  The actual day is usually completely given to them and we fit in our little celebration where we can.  I can honestly say that these 16 years of marriage have been spent with the best husband I could have ever even dreamed of.  He's perfect for me and I'm so glad that he's mine. 
    • In the kitchen, favorites right now are Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, crispy brown rice cereal, chicken and salad dressed with salsa.  On the radio, Adele, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Gillian Welch.... all so good.  On the tv...not much, just a couple of  good movies like The Black Swan, and Unknown, along with my weekly dose of Dexter.
    • Right now, in the middle of crazy summer heat and humidity, every afternoon thunderstorms, and the unspoken tropical weather possibilities that I'd rather not acknowledge, I'm trying hard to hurry along the month of August and get right to September.  Mmmm...I wish.  I do love autumn and by this time of summer each year, it cannot arrive quickly enough. Until then I suppose I'll just daydream about apples and cool breezes, lower humidity, evenings cool enough for camping outside and bonfires, soups and stews, pumpkins and squash, sweaters and warm drinks....sigh ~


    justine said...

    love your update and great photos

    radiantreflections said...

    happy anniversary to you and D ... and happy birthday to your young men :o)