Saturday, July 9, 2011



This is what things have looked like from my viewpoint lately.
Lots of swimming
and sunning
and fun.

The kids have been swimming constantly
and the girls have made a couple of new friends
over the summer and we've been spending
lots of time together.

Picnik collage

Summer always ends up being so busy.
It takes a lot of work to stay in full
summertime mode, keeping
up with all the little ones!

All the lazy mornings and late nights
and sleepovers and swimming will
come to an end soon, so we're trying
to enjoy it while we can, before those
school bells ring next month!

I hope you're having a great summer, too!
(Or winter, Kylie!  xoxo)


justine said...

what lovely shots, looks like you are having a great summer

radiantreflections said...

:o) our winter is going great - as it seems your summer is! i LOVE the photo of all their sun-kissed legs - such a neat collage, S.