Saturday, October 15, 2011


 fall 1

Lately there have been changes.  Everywhere.  The colors of fall are all around, the temperatures are slowly decreasing, the light is incredible.  There have been changes in me as well and that is probably why I haven't been around this space very much in recent months. 

fall 2

There have been the usual, ever-dramatic family challenges that can make one's heart and mind seem awfully heavy.  There have been some personal challenges, wake-up calls, and issues that needed immediate attention. 

fall 3

There has been another birthday for me.  Thirty-seven years and I'm still trying hard to get things figured out.  Honestly, though, things are becoming clearer all the time.


So many blog posts have been written although none posted.  I'm not sure why...maybe that's part of the changes I've been going through lately; a need to get it out, but not to share every detail.  So many thoughts continue to swirl through my head and maybe actually posting a few things will help clear it out, so you may find more words here in the near future.


Changes can be hard, as some have proven to be, but changes are also good.  They're also necessary for growth.  Growth is always a good thing because it generally means that we're becoming better, improving.


I'm really looking forward to seeing where these changes will lead in the next year, how I'm expecting to grow and find myself ever closer to the me I want to be.  I'm feeling very positive about it all right now and stronger than ever.


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Julie said...

beautiful photos. hope you find everything you need....
I know what you mean about wanting to get it out, but not share everything. good luck. :)