Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the last day of September


...when the day was beautiful, changing from quite warm and humid to cooler and drier, we spent the day at my parents' camper.   We sat in chairs, watched people walking their dogs, fired up the grill and made lunch.  Some of the kids were smiling for the camera, some were wishing I'd just put it away. 

Picnik collage

One of us totally had the right idea.  :)

09 30 11_2884

We played with my parents' schnauzers and watched as many other dogs were being walked around the park.  Dogs and campers go hand in hand it seems.  We really enjoyed the day while the kids played around.  I found myself wishing that we also had a camper to spend a week in....oh, and the time off to do it as well!  This really is the perfect weather to go camping in and I'm thinking that backyard-tent-camping is what we'll be doing later this week.

Emma took this next series of shots and that pretty much sums up our day out:

her new Converse...she loves these shoes:

09 30 11_2890

the bike:

09 30 11_2987

the boys:

09 30 11_2900

the walk:

09 30 11_2917

September was good.  Full of so many good things.  I'm looking forward to October and the birthday-busyness it brings our way along with my kids' anticipation of Halloween.  Fun times ahead for sure!

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radiantreflections said...

Emma's shots are wonderful! (as are yours, of course!) it looks like it was a wonderful day and way to say goodbye to summer, and hello to cooler weather. x