Saturday, November 12, 2011

A post about food...and a salad idea

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Salad made with kale is delicious as I have found out.  I had never thought of it until I saw it here, but knew that since I love kale, I had to try it.

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You basically want to thinly slice the kale and rinse it. You may even want to massage it a bit and then let it rest a while as some say that process causes any bitterness to work its way out.  {I never found it bitter, so it goes straight from being chopped to my bowl.}

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I love onions and mushrooms and put them in almost everything I eat.  I sometimes even eat them all by themselves, sauteed as a main dish for lunch.  Since I've given up 99% of my meat intake over the last several months, mushrooms are even more important to me as an addition to my food since they have a great meaty texture and quality.

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I lightly sautee them in olive oil, but sometimes I cook the mushrooms alone over a higher heat until they crisp up and they are really delicious that way!  While my mushrooms and onions are cooking, I dress my kale with just the tiniest drizzle of olive oil (since there will be oil on the veggies) a healthy sprinkling of balsamic vinegar and some sea salt and black pepper.

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As the veggies come to a finish, I put a nice little serving of Parmesan shreds right in the middle of the salad then quickly transfer the hot veggies on top.

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I always give it a minute to warm the salad up and hopefully slightly melt the Parmesan before digging in.  I almost always have a slice of toasted Genesis 1:29 Bread with a pat of butter along with my salad.  If you haven't tried this bread yet, you're definitely in for a real treat.  It's delicious and is one daily luxury for me that I can't imagine doing without since I don't have any processed carbs like sugar or flour or white know that drill, I'm sure.  It is made entirely of sprouted whole grains and nutritious seeds with absolutely no sugars or white flour.  {The same company even makes sprouted grain cereals that I love and eat almost every day.  It is super filling and a little goes a long way.}

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I eat a salad like this most days for lunch.  The salad itself is so satisfying and doesn't leave you feeling hungry just an hour or so later like regular lettuce can. This salad sticks around all day and I love it for that. Lately my kale obsession has had to turn into a Romaine lettuce obsession since my garden is full of it!  I really need to find a few hands to share it all with.  I'm afraid I can't eat that much of it!


On other food-related issues,  I've finally reached the twenty-five pound mark with my weight loss.  These last five pounds since my last weight loss update were super-hard to come by!  I came to a complete weight loss stand-still for a week, then needed a little medical procedure done last week, which I'm certain made me retain about four extra pounds for a few days.  Finally over the last three days, my weight has leveled, then begun to go down again. That is a relief to me since I was sure that something terrible was going on or that there was some mean joke being played out at my expense....especially with my painful avoidance of all the Halloween junk food lying around the house!  When I see those numbers go down, I know that I'm finally on the right track to being the me I want to be.

I'm still waiting on a foot injury to completely heal so that I can get back to some fitness walking and aerobics, so I am at a point where stretching and yoga is the only option.  I've never tried yoga before, but am very curious about the weight-loss yoga program from my cable provider. It sounds promising and I intend on giving it a try this weekend.

In other weight loss related issues that will make this post completely authentic, a truth about it all needs to be said.  It is hard.  Some days are easy enough to make me wonder what the problem ever was to begin with.  Many days are so hard that all I want to do is go and hide myself in a room, under a blanket, and wait for the next day to arrive.  It has become such a mental and heartfelt struggle within myself.  When I first started this journey to true health, not just weight loss, and letting go of so many of the things that had become habit to me, I knew there would be hard days.  When the days are hard, I have to constantly remind myself why I'm doing this, I have to remind myself of my current reality and how I am not happy with it, I have to remind myself that I must take care of me.  No matter what it takes, I have to put the same emphasis on my own health that I put on health of my children and husband.

I was thinking about all this last night as I was folding the laundry and thought of just how easy it is to put myself last.  In all things.  I'll take the leftovers that no one else wants, I'll use the wet towel so others can have a dry one, I'll grab an extra blanket when my hubby wants to hog-up the one on the bed during the middle of the night, I'll let the kids split the last grapefruit even though I've been waiting patiently to have it for the next morning's breakfast,  I'm sure you know exactly the day-to-day things I'm referring to here, but sacrificing my health is something else entirely and something that for my own good and that of my family, I absolutely cannot continue to do.  My health and the things I eat are equally as important as that of my family.  How can I continue to be the nurturer in my family when I can't even nurture myself?

Those are the thoughts that propelled me to make these changes over the past 10 weeks, however hard they are right now.  The actions of my past are the ones which I'm desperate to avoid slipping into again and I know that they are what has put me in this position. Reminders of these things, hard as those reminders are, are exactly what will keep me on track.  They are exactly what make me human, and what make this post feel authentic to me.  These struggles that come with change are very real and need to be stated just as well as the victories along the way.  They are an important part of the growth process.  They also have a way, when confessed, of making adjustments to negative attitudes that can so easily creep up on me when my focus is off.  Getting all this off my mind truly feels like a big exhalation of pressure and expectation and burden.  It feels great to just say it.

Now I can continue on with the rest of my day and eat well and take care of myself with a clear mind and an even clearer focus.  This day will be a good one...I can feel it.

Happy weekend, friends.


♥ Amy ♥ said...

Beautiful, Sandra. Good for you! I owe you an email, my friend.

radiantreflections said...

well done on not just achieving a goal, but for nurturing yourself. as mothers, wives, friends...we give so much of ourselves to others, but we need to be healthy and whole to do that.
im so happy for you, sandra. xo