Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude : 18

November 18 - Habit

November 18:

The quiet moments in the early morning make the day ahead so much better.  I'm thankful for each of those mornings and especially the ones that I get to share with my husband before he leaves for work.


11 18 11_3607

I couldn't stop at just one shot.  I was sitting across the table from my husband this morning, we were talking quietly to ourselves so that we wouldn't wake the kids who decided to camp out in the living room floor last night.

11 18 11_3605

I was sitting there, watching the steam swirl up and out of the coffee cups and reached for my camera.  Simple things like this really are so beautiful.  We miss so many of these kinds of things in our daily rush.

11 18 11_3597

These are the moments I like stop, take a breath, and notice completely what is going on around me.  This morning we heard our own quiet chatter, the heavy, sleeping breaths of four happy kids, the dog stretching in his crate, the sipping of hot coffee.  We saw the sun shining brilliantly through the east-facing windows, we felt the coolness of the house after a long autumn night, we eventually reached for the heater, we made plans for the day, we made breakfast, our day was off to a beautiful start.

11 18 11_3582

And, as starting off on the right foot would have it, our day ended as well as it began.  A full day of family, of love, of togetherness.  For these things, I am most grateful.


radiantreflections said...

im pleased your day went well, and your morning sounds like it was a lovely start to the day.
these photos are really gorgeous, and a lovely reminder to stop, and notice.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a beautiful and centering way to start your day. i LOVE that steam!