Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude : 28 and Last week in details

November 28 - Habit

November 28:

I was feeling certain today would be totally unproductive, but I'm thankful that it turned out to be the complete opposite.


Last week in details:
  • We intended on doing our school work for a couple of days this week, but....
  • On Monday I had a house full of little ones, my four plus three more (two cousins and a neighbor) made for lots of running and laughing and playing.
  • That made me decide that sometimes the most important thing for kids to do is to just be kids...doing all the things that they do best. 
  • Tuesday was filled with the usual guitar lessons and the first appointment for the boys as they get braces.  Spacers were put in and a little discomfort was had.  Taco soup was on the menu that day.
  • Wednesday was filled with prepping some Thanksgiving day dishes here and also with going to my Mom's house so we could help her with her preparations for the big family Thanksgiving gathering there.

11 25 11_3913

  • I loved seeing the kids dive in and help her with making their own pie crusts, pie fillings, and toppings.
  • I loved watching her in the kitchen with them, letting them basically have free rein over it all, the chopping of veggies, the putting together of the recipes, the rolling of the dough, the fillings, the meringue toppings, and even the clean up, which Claire especially likes.  She loves to pull her stool up to the sink and do the washing.
  • Pine straw was raked and put around the house. Everything looks so good when fresh straw is in place.
  • Finally, I was back in my kitchen doing more prep work and making pumpkin pies.  One regular pumpkin pie and one sweetened with agave.  It was delicious!
  • Thanksgiving day started early with the turkey being first in the oven. Dressing and apple pies were next in line.
  • We went to my parents' house to have our official Thanksgiving day dinner although I made our own dinner to have here at our house, too.
  • There were lots of family and friends gathered, some who live out of state (and I wish they lived next door), some who are friends that feel more like family, and of course, those that are near and dear every day of the year.  It really was such a blessed day...we are so fortunate.
  • The day extended into night and all things were finally cleaned up.  I think that is an important part of the whole celebratory process...the coming together to clean up and put things away.  It is just as important as the coming together to prepare and share the meal.  

11 25 11_3918

  • The day after Thanksgiving was a good one, too.  We had a cousin stay the night of Thanksgiving and was here with us to begin our Christmas decorating.
  • The tree was put up, lights were strung, cinnamon ornaments smelled delicious, holiday music was played, and plenty of leftovers were eaten.  Oh, and pie, too.   
  • Friday night our cousin stayed again with requests to stay even another night.  I said that he definitely could.  ♥
  • Saturday was warm...too warm, really.  It felt like early September rather than late November.  The kids played football half the day anyway, while looking forward to the cool front to make its way through that night, hopefully bringing much cooler weather with it for the start of next week.
  • Sunday was filled with more playing children, running here and there while I baked them chocolate chip cookies.
  • The little cousin finally made his way back home. They were all a little sad to see the long weekend come to an end although they were all completely worn out from all the playing.
  • The night ended peacefully and just a bit early, just the way I wanted.

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amanda {the habit of being} said...

sounds like a weekend full of family and good eats :)