Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Week in Details


  • The girls danced in dark bedrooms while the boys helped with the lighting...a colander and a flashlight.
  • Bibles were read and heartfelt questions were being asked by my boys.   
  • Old hurts (from two past miscarriages) have resurfaced and the losses feel like they're hitting even harder than they did originally.  I wish I would have allowed myself to express more of my feelings at the time, many years ago, when all I wanted to do was be strong.
  • My heart has felt full to overflowing lately, spilling tears when I least expect it.
  • New science and history books were ordered.
  • Photos were taken, in the soul first, then on camera.
  • Christmas music in the style of Andrea Bocelli has begun playing on my Pandora station.  Yes, I couldn't wait.
  • Thanks to my husband and his great ideas, my laundry situation has been made worlds easier although it required a good bit of manual labor from all six of us.


  • The girls finally have a complete fall and winter wardrobe with matching scarves and sparkly vests and furry boots.
  • The boys still need new shoes.
  • The boys are doing so well with their guitar lessons and have begun playing Christmas music.  I'm loving What Child Is This.
  • Items have been gathered for another Goodwill donation.
  • My girls are having a surge of desire to make things by hand.  I'm sure this will make Christmas awesome this year.
  • A night spent with a neighbor friend made the girls super happy.
  • Soups were on the menu more than not.
  • I loved it when Claire and I wrapped ourselves up in my bed early the other night and we talked...about everything.  She's growing up so much and she's so incredibly sweet and most of all she's still my baby.
  • Claire lost her other front tooth this week, that means she's in need of two, just in time for Christmas, right?
  • Emma is doing about a thousand cartwheels a day and insisting that I watch at least half.  She's a little obsessed with them right now.  :)
  • A neighbor's birthday was the perfect time to get us all together for dinner, a little bonfire, and of course dessert.
  • I acquired a new-to-me baker's rack over the weekend and it looks so great in its new location. I'm excited to have it!
  • One of my teeth has begun to be a tad too sensitive over the weekend, so I'm thinking that a call into my dentist is necessary.


The photos in this post are film, Kodak Portra 400NC.  

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amanda {the habit of being} said...

i didn't know andrea bocelli had a christmas disc out! yay!!! that will definitely help get me in the spirit.