Friday, December 9, 2011

Catching up...

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted! Time really does fly.  It makes me wonder how I was able to keep up with daily posting every day in November.  Then again, this has been a busy week with something going on every day.  So, in an attempt to catch up with my December posting...

December 3:

3 December

12 03 11_4053

12 03 11_4058

12 03 11_4070

Parade time!  The kids were able to ride a float in a local Christmas parade.  The floats were all lit up, music filling the air, and so many happy faces to see along the route.  The kids had a blast throwing all those goodies.

December 4:

4 December

We saw this beautiful nativity scene during our drive around the neighborhood.

December 5:

5 December
12 05 11_4045

I did a little sparrow watching outside my mom's kitchen windows.  They are the cutest little birds.

December 6:

6 December

More Christmas lights.  I love the solid white lights.  It would be perfectly fine with me if everyone would just leave them up all winter.

December 7:

for real. {7 december}

For real.  This is the state of my house right now.  I'm working on it...

December 8:

making. {8 december}

Making gift tags...just beyond the sea of clutter in the previous photo.  Yep.

December 9:

9 december

Salt dough ornaments are quick and easy.  The girls loved making these.

That's all I have in photos.  Not seen were the school lessons, the grocery/Christmas shopping, the weekly guitar lessons and library run, the several hours I spent this week making photo books (I'll share the results as soon as they arrive in the mail), my boys' new smiles...they had braces put on Wednesday afternoon!  I do have photos, but they're a little touchy with the pictures-of-braces-on-the-blog thing, so I'll have to sneak them in soon.  They did great with the braces, though.  Very little pain and irritation, so we're happy.  Also, not seen was my appointment at the podiatrist yesterday and the second round of a cortisone shot to my heel to hopefully begin easing the pain that I've been struggling with daily.  I sure hope this shot works...ouch.  Then, today along with painting ornaments, we took time to hang some outdoor Christmas lights down the driveway, away from Cooper, our yellow lab, since he has an appetite for just about anything {read: crazy dog}.  We have no outdoor decorations on the house or in the yard, but the driveway is sure to look great!

So, that sums it up, these last seven days whirring by in a quick blur.  I'm hoping planning to slow down for the rest of this season and try to savor the moments as they come and go.  For the rest of today, however, I need to put it in gear and clear the clutter lurking on every surface.  An orderly house will be just the thing to help me slow down and enjoy.

Have a nice weekend!

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