Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homemade Lotion


Now that I'm finished with my month of Habit and gratitude I wanted to tell you about homemade lotion.  Yes.  I finally made my own.  I've had this on my to-do list for a long time and have never taken the time to gather the ingredients and just do it.  The simplicity of this recipe from Amanda at The Habit of Being made me dive right in.


I ordered my beeswax since I couldn't find a local supplier.  I bought the one pound bar of beeswax and I'm sure it will last for years.  I always have a good supply of both olive oil and coconut oil around here and even some favorite essential oils.  I chose to mix the oils, about one-fourth cup of coconut oil and one-half cup of extra virgin olive oil because I wanted it to be a medium weight lotion.  I also added several drops of orange essential oil and it smells divine.

I hope this natural lotion will help with my insanely dry skin.  My skin has become so much drier over the past year or so and nothing, no matter how much I pay for expensive brand lotions and creams, ever works.  I've been using it for only the past few days and I like the results so far. The most important thing to me is knowing what is in the lotion.  There is no long string of mystery ingredients to worry about and I don't mind that my kids slather it on whenever they please.  I'm also hoping that this will help to soothe Isaac's eczema.  I think I'll make another jar just for him with tea tree essential oil for the added benefit of its antibacterial properties.

November 28 - Habit

I do wonder about one thing though....would light olive oil work as well?  My main concern is if it would be sticky, because extra virgin is absolutely not sticky. I was thinking too, this could be a wonderful homemade gift idea for the holidays. I'm considering pairing it with a recipe for sugar scrub and giving it to all the ladies on my list. I would love a gift like that!


On another note, can you believe it's December first already?  Yesterday I went out to do my Christmas shopping and thankfully I'm about 95% finished!  I had a list, a plan to keep things simple, and I reminded myself to keep focused.  I'll have one more trip to make to finish up just a few things that I couldn't find the energy for late yesterday and I should be done.  That is such a huge relief.

One thing I'm looking forward to today is beginning an Advent storybook, Jotham's Journey.  We read this one a couple of years ago and the way the story unfolds is just beautiful.  The kind of beautiful that sends little shivers down your spine as you read each day, getting closer to Christmas.

Have a beautiful first day of December.  xo

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keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

yay!!! my mom makes all of our soaps and lotions, and it has made such a huge difference in our skin. you will love it :)