Monday, January 31, 2011

the first thirty-one

My creation


It has
been a
good one.

I'm so
glad that
I decided
to do this

The mosaic
above has
the first
thirty and
the one
below is
from tonight.

l e e k s

Potato Leek Soup
for dinner tonight.
I was commenting
on Flickr that I
seem to take the
majority of my
photos in the
kitchen, LOL!
But...that is
where life happens
around here. The
kitchen is most
definitely the
heart of our home.

I don't know about you,
but I'm looking forward
to February. It's the
doorway into spring!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

right now

p a s t a

i'm seeing rain drops begin to fall outside my window
as they seem to rush nightfall

i'm tasting a handful of granola mixed with a few chocolate chips

i'm hearing the girls playing on the porch and one boy preparing
salmon for dinner tonight; he's going to cook it.

i'm smelling sauteed sweet potatoes

i'm feeling a warm sweater wrapped around me and just a bit of a nip in the air

Saturday, January 29, 2011

s o u p

s o u p

We're having red lentil soup for tonight's dinner.
It is delicious.  It is mild yet flavorful,
delicate yet unforgettable.  We love it.
I think the bit of lemon juice and drizzle
of good olive oil at the end really makes it
although the hint of cumin in the soup is
delicious, too.


on film.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

my morning in photos...

morning reading
a little morning reading while the house is still quiet.

Picnik collage
me.  right after the shower.  and before the makeup...  :)

this morning
heading outside to walk the dog...noticing the beautiful layer of fog as the sun was rising.

P e r c y little sidekick and the kids' hearts....we love this sweet boy.

a little breakfast for the cats...

making the bed always makes me feel better.

i made the kids some lemon-blueberry, heart-shaped muffins...they loved them.

my breakfast this morning
my breakfast...homemade bread with some earth balance spread and a few minutes with my camera before the lessons begin for the day.

lesson time...math and history and chips and salsa.  perfect.

just a little spin around with the camera this morning.  i didn't have it in me to keep going, but would really like to take the time to do at least another 'day-in-the-life' sort of post.

happy friday and happy weekend, too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

feeling chatty.


late this afternoon the kids are out
playing with their daddy. the house
is quiet so i've made
dinner and had a cup of tea
and played around with my film
camera and listened to this
all afternoon. geez...the more
i listen, the more i love it.
so, so good.

while making dinner the enamel
chipped off my big cast iron
dutch oven...i have no idea what
to do with it now. keep it or toss
it, repair it, keep using it? i'll
have to research it.

i had to run into town this morning
and came across the wine bottle in the
photo above. it's beautiful and i had
to have it. i can see some beautiful
spring flowers or maybe some red berry stems
in it on my bedside table.

i've finished a few books this week and was
hoping to pick up the next in my Sookie
Stackhouse series, but couldn't find it
anywhere. i'm supposing that's because
it's the newest release. so, i had to put on hold at
the library. it seems that every winter
during january and february i turn into
a reading machine. right now i can't imagine
not having a book in my hands. the next Sookie
book will be the last until may of this year, so i'll
have to find something else interesting to read.
actually i think i'd like to back up and re-read
Jane Eyre.  i adore that story...and the movie.
have you seen this version?  it is very good and
exactly what i had in mind while reading.  i love it.

anyway...night is nearly upon us and the back
door is opening and closing at a steady rate
with hungry bellies looking for something
warm to eat.  off i go.

good night.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 26

"There is deep wisdom
within our very flesh,
if we can only come
to our senses and feel it."

~Elizabeth A. Behnke

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wise words


"May you have faith
in your worth and
act with wisdom."

These were the perfect
wise words for my eyes
to read today.


Monday, January 24, 2011



today was spent shopping and putting tons more effort into
my word for the year {nurture.}  i've been thinking a lot lately
about what the word means to me and how i want to discover
it for myself this year.  i've read lots of books lately and am finding
my own path to be more nurturing to myself and my family.

i'm trying hard to make positive changes for health.  real health.
not just weight loss, although that would be a welcomed side effect.
the kind of health that would make my near-daily headaches (among other
aches) a thing of the past and the the constant habit of making wise choices
something i don't even have to think about.  i want health and the idea
of nurturing oneself to be something that my children learn and they, thankfully,
seem to be so very open to it.  they honestly will eat anything i throw at them
and don't mind passing up most meats and dairy products.

*sauteed collard greens with toasted pine nuts, raisins, and balsamic vinegarfrom The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.

the kids also like being involved in the cooking process...picking greens from the garden,
washing them, chopping with a knife (that's always fun!), and tossing them into a pan is just what
my five year old did tonight along with putting a handful of toasted nuts and
golden raisins, and even measuring out her tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to
splash on at the end.  everyone in the family loved the dish and i didn't have to
beg anyone to try it since they had been active participants in cooking it.  we
had some brown rice and a sweet potato-lentil stew to go with it.  so very good
and very filling too.

this year with my focus being on nurture it is sure to be full of
learning experiences for all of us.  i'm hoping that i can come out at the
beginning of next year with a whole new respect for the word, but mostly
a new respect for myself, along with seeing the same in my family.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

f r o s t y


a frosty start to the day.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

a saturday in january

for dinner tonight

a lazy morning to catch up
on needed sleep

a whole pot of coffee shared,
and emptied

a husband home on this saturday
when normally he'd be working

granola was made...with extra honey
to make it form into chunks rather than
the usual loose consistency.

bread dough made and left to rise
as we all went for a little visit to
the local flea market. {and sadly,
i forgot my camera.}

that visit reminded us why we rarely
go to the flea market here in town, but
the guys at the produce stand had home
grown, freshly pulled, gigantic bundles of turnip
greens and i had to have one.

cousins are here and lots of playing
is going on...and lots of laughing and
giggling and sharing and bargaining
and running with footballs and scooters bumping
the walls and puppies growling and candy being eaten...

tonight for dinner, the bread was put into
the oven, the turnips were cleaned and the
turnip roots were chopped, all tossed
into the pot.  i could stop
the menu right there for myself, but i'm
expecting the men in the house to ask
for chicken to go with it, so that is about
to be put in the pan along with some
celery and onions.  it's smelling mighty
fine in the house right now.

as twilight is passing into darkness
the football playing is coming to an end,
red faces and cold cheeks are rushing
through the door, all to take their
places at the table, grabbing and eating
and smiling and being happy at the end
of this day - a perfect saturday in january.

Friday, January 21, 2011

film, kodak 400, minolta xg-1

last night ethan had
a sleep study test
as part of a series
of tests to form a correct
diagnosis regarding his
migraine issues so...last
night was a very long one.

i found it ironic that the
test was called a "sleep"
test since there was very
little sleeping involved.

tonight i'm looking forward
to having us both back in
our own warm beds,
sleeping comfortably,
safe and sound.
i'm also feeling blessed in
knowing that the doctor
called this evening to let us know
that all went well last night.
we're narrowing things down.


this evening as i look at today
in review, i feel like i may have
overreacted to something earlier.
you know...when you take a
comment a little too seriously
and make it into more than it
should have been allowed to become?
{probably because the total
lack of sleep from the night
before wreaked havoc on your
decision making abilities...}

then silence ensues.

and regrets hang heavy in the air.

and some making up needs to be done.

because at the end of the day
peace, love, and happiness is
really all that matters.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


m e.


obviously hiding
behind the camera
amongst the unseen
piles of laundry
waiting to be folded.

i did start a bit of
a bedroom re-do
today. white is the color
i'm going with.  i've
ironed curtain after curtain
all day and then hung them
up.  now i want new blinds
and a new lamp and a
new pair of rugs and...

can you see a domino
effect taking place here?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

grocery day


i'm making granola.

and cooking dinner
and washing the laundry
and vacuuming the floors
and feeding the dogs
and taking them for walks
and hopefully soon, really soon,
i'll be putting my feet up with
my newest stack of library books.

and good night.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



i'm feeling quiet.

lots on my mind,
lots of thinking
going on, but not
many words
are coming to mind.

days like this
are reminders to slow down,
to look inwardly for solutions
to outward problems, and
i'm also reminded that this world
keeps spinning so very
quickly and we must hold
one anothers' hands sometimes
to keep balance.

Monday, January 17, 2011


monday brought with it
another early start,
some peace and quiet
to begin with, a visit
from the cousins
a shared lunch and
shared pot of coffee,
some happy kids
and tired mamas
and so much thankfulness.


this shot is another from my last roll.  i really loved it even though the focus was off.
you can see it large here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


early morning by the fire,
book in hand.

mid morning through  afternoon,
lessons with the kids.
at the same time
baking bread for us
and a couple of loaves and recipe
to pass on to my mom.

a cup of coffee and
a little surprise
to fill the afternoon.

now dinner prep
and some more laundry and

and some playing around with
my other film shots.

this is one from dinner a few nights ago.
a weird light thing going on there on the left,
of course it's from the same problem roll
i mentioned a couple posts back.  so who knows?

dinner. film.


i usually don't touch my film shots with editing,
but because of the light in this one i was curious
about how it would look in b&w.
i like it very much with the light.

now i need to
go order some b&w film....

Saturday, January 15, 2011


film, kodak 400.  the cropped version of the photo in the previous post.

today has been
on the busy side.
cleaning out, organizing,
birthday party-ing with
a cousin this evening.

lots of good times had,
belly laughs, new friends
and old friends. not to mention
a slice of pizza and a cupcake.

now to settle everyone
down and the dogs, too.
peace and quiet is just
around the corner.


Friday, January 14, 2011

tea and film

tea.  film.


i had my next roll of film developed today,
but was a little bummed about the results.
some of the shots are okay...some were
unusable due to a weird overexposure
that was present in my last roll of film
(that was totally trashed, btw)
and some looked like this:

film.  my problem.



so now i'm brainstorming trying to figure out if it was error on my part, error in the processing, problem with my camera, or just bad film.  i did order some kodak portra film, so i'm excited to try it and see what difference it makes.  I'm also turning to Mpix developing for my next roll {thanks for that link, Lindsay!} and i hope i can really see a good difference there.

this film thing is a real learning process...but a good creative kind of process.  i'm really enjoying it and coming to look at the light differently now that i don't have a fancy light metering system to guide my exposures.  combining aperture and shutter speed has taken on a whole new meaning lately and i'm loving it.

Edited to Add:

f : y : i

i'm adding the responses to the comment section.  so check there for any replies :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new color

new color

thursday evening finds me feeling tired but fulfilled
since i spent most of the day out shopping with my kids.
it was the kind of shopping day where we browsed a few
stores just because we felt like it and i picked up a couple
of things that i wanted along with a few things i really needed.

i found this huge aqua plate today while out.
i've always wanted to put this color in my kitchen, but haven't
because of a million reasons.

i just couldn't pass it up today
though and brought it home with me.
i'm loving it with the red that i can never
do without...i'll always have my red.

i'm also thinking that a vintage aqua search
on both ebay and etsy is in order really soon.

potato soup was on the menu for tonight and it was so warm
and delicious on this cold winter's day.  now the fireplace and
a book and comfy blanket are calling my name.

the kids are talking quietly and watching
a movie.  percy is asleep on the rug and all is well right now as
darrell and isaac are on their way home after a long day's hunt.

i can hardly wait for them to turn into the drive.
then my day will be perfect.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day




This far south we really never get any snow to speak of. However, my parents just returned last night from a Tennessee vacation and brought home two sleds and ice chests full of snow for the kids. There could not have been a better gift...they had a blast throwing the snow around this morning.'s actually cold enough so that the little snowman is still standing this afternoon. :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011



on this eleventh day
of the new year
all the christmas clutter
is beginning to catch up with me.

and my house is driving me crazy.

the kids are still in play mode
and i'm in more of a toss-it mode.
this week has also been a busy one.
the kind where you are going, going,
going....only to look around and
wonder if anything at all is getting
accomplished.  all the basic stuff
just barely seems to get done, laundry
is steadily piling up, the floors seem to
be made of dirt, and the kitchen...
well, it's a disaster.

and all those things i want to do
like spending the afternoon with my
camera, reading  my book, finishing
a few blog drafts that i have waiting in queue,
writing down a few ideas that continue to
float around in my head....
they're just not happening this week.

after i spend the next few days
cleaning up and cleaning out and
doing my fair share of tossing,
i'm hoping that next week will feel
much more productive.

at least i hope.  ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011


claire felt much better
school lessons resumed
dog-sitting duties began for my mom's schnauzers
i baked more bread...this time it's awesome
i made granola - with extra almonds
all the while john mayer faded into james taylor
a fire is now crackling in the fireplace
dinner is hot and ready
the kids are calm
my hubby just walked in
family time begins.

night, friends.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

sick day

s i c k * d a y


the littlest one woke up with quite a stomach bug
and spent the day mostly in my arms.
i did get a chance to make some homemade
chicken and rice soup for her...for all of us, actually.
it was perfect on this icky, gray, rainy day.
now i just hope no one else gets this bug...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

today in photos

l i g h t

h a n d s

8 : 365



today i baked bread

in the middle of weekending with the family.
taking morning walks and enjoying the sunshine,
enjoying my husband being home these last couple of days
(having him home for the last ten days has spoiled us!),
enjoying getting into the smoothie routine again...
we've consumed a *lot* of bananas this week!

i'm also trying to find a wheat sandwich bread recipe that we like
so that we can pass on the supermarket stuff.
i have a bread machine, but really don't like the
taste of the edges or the hardness it seems to have.
i can say that i liked it much better from a loaf pan
and it was really good.

i'm also wondering if it's at all possible to actually
let the bread cool before i slice it....and leave the
butter in the fridge.  at the rate we went today
the bread will never see itself become a sandwich!  :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

one week in...already


i have a feeling that this year
could go by so quickly.
i can hardly believe we're
a week in.
two weeks since christmas.
incredible how time flies
without hesitation.

today has been a good one though.
time with the family,
being lazy and watching movies,
my hubby made dinner
and we've still got lots of free time
to spare this evening.

i'm sure we'll fit in a game or two
of uno and maybe a couple hands
of war and maybe another movie.
days like this are so very good.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

library day

l i b r a r y  *  d a y

we picked up
a little something
for everybody.