Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Bits


For the last week I've had a really sick little one,
running temp every afternoon and evening and hanging
onto a nagging cough while another little one is trying
really hard not to be sick with a nagging cough of her own
but thankfully no fever to speak of.


I have two boys that quickly decided they wanted
to learn to play piano.  So on YouTube they have
basically taught themselves some seriously
great music.  I'm really astounded with the rate
in which they've picked up the songs and also
remembered them.

film, blooms, sun
film: kodak portra nc 400

Today I've been cleaning clutter from our school supplies, sorting
through every crayon, marker, colored pencil, stacks of art papers,
reading books, some curriculum books that I'm ready to part with
and also relocating all the lost rolls of tape and scissors.  I'm going
to be so very happy to finish it this afternoon.

The boys and I have started another book to read aloud, Whispering
to Witches, I'm already loving it and would love to go in and speed
read through it, but I'm restraining myself so that we can enjoy it together.
It has a bit of a Harry Potter-ish feel to it.

I've begun reading a couple of personal growth books this week, too:
The Courage to be Yourself and Life is a Verb.  I have to say that
they have been incredible so far.  Each time I take a break to sneak
in a few pages, the words jump out at me as if they were written just
for me, making me leave them for a while to contemplate just what
the meaning is for me.  I love when I read books like these; the promise
of great change dangles from each page and I'm excited to see
where they take me.

afternoon tea
film: kodak portra nc 400

The next couple of days will be full of family time
since Darrell will be off of work.  However, he and
the boys need to finish building gates for our new fence
and also I've put a raised garden bed on his list.  I have
asparagus plants who are dying to get in the ground.  :)

Did you know that Kylie and I are back at A Mindful Home?
We are!  We took a little break away at the beginning of
the year, but have since returned in the last few weeks.
Come on over and visit us there as we share the dailiness
of our lives from different parts of the world.

{Oh...for anyone who home schools...if you're interested in
any free curriculum, let me know and I can give you a list of
the few things I'm ready to part with and I will get it out to you
if you decide you want it.}

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunshine and tulips


t u l i p s

On film.
I really love this
Kodak Portra NC 400 film
the color quality is great and
it gives a certain richness that
seemed to be lacking with the
other film I was using.

I love playing with the light
this way, too.  Capturing it
simply seems to be what
makes me happiest.  It just
makes me wish I had bigger
windows in the house.  My
dream home would definitely
be full of large windows.  :)

I did a little housekeeping on the
blog here and moved all the linky
stuff to the bottom...just in case
anyone is looking for something
that I was keeping on the sidebar.

I hope your weekend
has been  a wonderful one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

morning and afternoon

morning: film

03 19 11_0870
afternoon: digital

Friday, March 18, 2011



today the sun has shone beautifully
and right now, at 4:35pm, it's 82 degrees
outside, the windows are open and it feels perfect.

today, since darrell was home from work, we decided
to bite the bullet and go mattress shopping.  that is
sort of exhausting.  especially when i walk in and see
all the "good" mattress sets priced at thousands of dollars.
we tried out a few, putting a few on the list, with my most favorite
being the higher priced, of course.  we came back home,
discussed it, and then i sent him back to the store to buy the
the cheapest of the sets we liked.  and now that it's here,
i think it will be perfect.

film - kodak portra nc 400

today we picked up steaks for dinner.
that's something we very rarely have and
i always find, that much like seafood, they're
always better when cooked at home.  my sweet
potatoes are baking right now and we'll have
salad to finish the meal.  and since it's so nice
outside, we may just eat out at the picnic table.

today i finally received the prints from my
last roll of film.  i'm pleased with the processing
of this roll although it takes a bit longer with
mail order.  i noticed that the large majority
were all taken in the kitchen.  i just found it
funny that i like to photograph all our food
and food prepping...maybe i should be writing
a food blog, lol!  however, maybe i'll find
myself outside a bit more now that it's spring
and everything seems so much brighter.  i think
i'll go grab my cameras and head outside
to finish dinner.

happy friday night all.

Monday, March 14, 2011



A whole week.  gone.
It's amazing how fast the days go by.
By the time I was ready to make another
post a few days ago, the news of the quake
in Japan was making headlines all over the internet
and I started to read and watch and hear
about all the devastation that was occuring.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I do not
watch news programs...or even my own local news broadcasts.
Newscasts have always put a somewhat crippling burden
on my mind and heart.  I always seem to keep those bad
stories and reports really close and I find it hard to let go.
That, in turn, makes me miserable.  I honestly can't bear it
most of the time and find myself swimming in a mental
sea of blackness.  I gave up watching any of it several years
ago and only tune in when something really important is
going on.


I have to say that this time it was really important.
Heartache is the only way to describe what I've felt for
those beautiful people.  I can only say that it is unimaginable
to me, what's going on over there.  I can't imagine the mental,
emotional, and physical exhaustion those people are feeling
as they are desperate for basic food and water and as they
are trying desperately to account for their families.  I cannot imagine.
I wish I could help...

I can only send my prayers to those people, asking God to
renew their spirits, strengthen their bodies and minds and souls,
and give peace to their hearts.

I did find one way to help today.  And a great thing is that you get something
beautiful in return.  Erica Ray and friends are offering a choice of 8x12 prints
for an affordable price with all proceeds from this sale being given to the
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Do yourself a favor and check it out...the prints are beautiful.


Over the last several days I've been doing a lot of quiet thinking about the situation
in Japan, trying hard to understand.  Although I fully realize it's not my burden
to understand it, but rather my burden to offer my help, support, and prayers
for those people in the best way I can.  That is really all that matters, taking
care of each other,  showing kindness and compassion, and loving deeply.

a little about today's photo here.

Today, I took a break from our regular school-day routine and decided to go out
in the sunshine, work in the yard, take some photos, read a little, have lunch at
the picnic table, listen to some music, all while being as mindful as I could be about
all the daily luxuries that I take for granted, the moments to fill my spirit, the moments
of quietness that I steal, the security I feel in my family and home, the deep love that
I feel for those close to my heart and even for so many that I have never even met,
and most of all for those four healthy souls that I've been entrusted with.  Today,
I'm mindful of my many blessings in the midst of so many horrible things going on
in this world, making sure not to take even one second for granted.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walk With Me

Okay, so today we did something we never, ever do.
We went downtown for Mardi Gras day parades!
I'm not a big fan of all these festivities, but we did
have a decent time today.

I thought I'd share some of my photos of the day....

03 08 11_0788

m a r d i * g r a s

 m a r d i * g r a s

m a r d i * g r a s

m a r d i * g r a s

If you want to take a little Walk With Me, you can see all the photos from the day, or you can click here and open the slide show in a new window.

Now, to end with my most favorite moment of the day....Emma watching the parade while holding her daddy's hand.  ♥


Monday, March 7, 2011

mindful today


Today I tried to stay mindful of the little things around me.
Things like:

the quiet of daybreak

the early morning sunlight breaking in through the windows

the puppy letting me know that he's awake and ready to go out

the kids' alarm clocks buzzing followed by the sound of opening doors and shuffling feet

the quiet moments after they wake, sitting on the couch, awaiting a turn in the shower

the hour i took away this morning to talk to my mom on the phone and finally finish my roll of film.  it's now on its way to the lab and i can't wait to see what is revealed in a couple of days.

the smell of breakfast in the house

the sound of school book pages being turned and the occasional questions

the sound of the boys taking turns reading aloud a book that they thought they wouldn't like, then hearing them comment about how great the book is turning out to be

the midday phone call from darrell to talk a few minutes about how our mornings have been...i look forward to it each time

the sound of guitars being played in the afternoons

the girls playing dress-up

eating apples for snack...these last ones have been so good

counting my glasses of water, making sure to drink plenty

preparing dinner in peace while the kids are outside playing...again

hearing the boys feed the dogs and take them for their evening walks

anticipating darrell coming home from work and feeling excited that is off again tomorrow

Now I'm looking forward to a good quiet evening....browsing around for a new book to read.  The last two on my list have fallen flat.  I'm beginning to realize why I like thriller/horror novels.  :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

in photos

Here's a super-quick review of our weekend

Finally sunshine and cooler weather...


Rainy day breakfast...


Bread baking...nothing smells better!

03 05 11_0541

Family evening out at the parades.

feeling so glad to have this man...
03 03 11_0543

noticing the hotel guests preparing for their Mardi Gras ball...
03 03 11_0635

watching my hubby across the street ordering the kids a funnel cake...
03 03 11_0628

bits and pieces of the parade:
Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Thursday, March 3, 2011

this day

morning snack


the morning light was beautiful

breakfast was shared with darrell since it's his day off,
along with good conversation and a pot of coffee

more garden seeds were sown
more tiny seedlings were planted

dirt was under my fingernails
and between my toes
and stuck to the bottoms of my flip flops

the breeze grew into outright wind
as the clouds took over the afternoon

i could hear darrell and the boys
working on the fence outside
through the open windows

at the same time i could hear the girls jumping
on the neighbor's trampoline
and would peek at them while
i made salad and chicken for lunch

we sat together at the table for lunch
laughing and planning and talking

more coffee was sipped as i
stole a moment to browse a few
blogs and photos

darrell offered to take the kids
out tonight to a parade and let me
have some time alone, but it's so hard
to miss out on that family time.
{and let me admit here my hesitancy to not
accompany the girls...they're still so little.  i'm guilty.}
i think i may join them instead.  :)

tonight will be cooler i think, so i'll
need to gather the sweaters and jeans
for the girls to put on, being careful not
to forget my own sweater.

although i really dislike crowds
and noise
and obnoxiousness
i'm sure that tonight will be a good one.
it always is.  i always have fun once i'm there.

have a great thursday evening, all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


new pillows

lately there aren't many words
coming out of my mouth or
off my keyboard. rather
the words seem to stay inside,
tangled up and uneasy.

sometimes it feels like my mind
is racing away and of course
the words seem to fail me
every time.  lately my mind
is just busying itself with thinking.
lots of thinking.  about many
different things:

healthy eating

health insurance

getting older

seeing more gray hair in my own head

seeing the texture of my skin change

feeling changes

seeing young mothers and expectant mothers out and about...realizing that my time with babies and diaper bags and sippie cups and all night nursing is a thing of my past

feeling my relationship with my husband and my kids take on different directions, just the way they should be as we're all getting older

wondering what kind of parent my kids think i i good enough?  am i honest enough?  am i making any big mistakes?...

feeling like my husband and i are true friends, in the deepest seems like the years with babies and toddlers made us put us on the back burner or maybe we were just less mindful of each other with all the focus going toward the kids.  i'm just feeling thankful that we are beyond that and are mindful of each other completely.

feeling a need to write, with many ideas swirling around in this head of mine

feeling unable to make the words flow, in reality and on paper...or maybe it's just me being afraid of seeming imperfect, or as not enough

wondering how to "have it all" or what my idea of that means

wondering why i feel like i'm not enough, not good enough, not perfect enough, not like the others...(i know, i know, but i'm sure we all wonder the same thing at times)

sometimes i feel like there just aren't enough hours in a day, but then realize it's only how i spend them that counts

wishing i had closer friends...who understood me, really and truly

new book  61:365

i've been thinking that spending all day in the library with an armful of short novels sounds perfect...if, of course, the library also had a coffee shop

i'm also wanting to do a little antique store shopping, with many little ideas in my mind that i'd like to browse for.  things like little side tables, old kitchen utensils, i'd love to grab a set of vintage dinnerware in white and aqua, more and more old mason jars, an old glass cream jar with lid, crocks for storage, old wooden wine crates to store just about everything...

i want to finish my roll of film...the one that's been hanging out in my camera entirely too long.  the one that is begging to be sent off to the lab while i put in one of the other rolls that has been waiting patiently for me to hurry up already.  :)

i want a new piece of artwork to hang over my sofa...without spending a fortune.  i'm hoping i'll come across one large enough and affordable enough soon.  i love this one...but can't spend that amount.  i think i'll do some etsy browsing this weekend.

and i know that those two photos have nothing at all to do with my whiplash-ed train of thought, but they were my shots of the day.  the new pillows i made for my bed...although i'm already having daydreams about
different colors.  i like the colors in them, but maybe for the sofa instead.  for the bed i think i'd like to find some white fabric with a little aqua-ish design...something light and with more white than color.  hmmm....i knew all that sewing would bring out more ideas.  ;)    oh, and the new book i picked up this week - it's Letter to My Daughter by George Bishop.  i'm only a few pages in and am totally hooked.  I can't wait to finish it over the next couple of days.

so now i'm off to think of what will be for dinner and to finish the last few minutes of a movie while the kids are outside...

happy wednesday evening!