Saturday, June 25, 2011



hot days
and humidity
kids inside
and outside
doors opening
and closing
new flip flops
and bare feet
snow cones
and coffee
and naps
late nights
and late mornings

air mattresses
and giggling girls
books devoured
and movies watched
art made
and music played
laundry washed
and line dried
bread baked
and dinner grilled
notes written
and emails read
a full heart
and room to breathe.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

for Char...

Yesterday I received the sad news that a good blogging/Flickr friend had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.  The news saddened me...absolutely breaking my heart.  It brought home the fact that life is indeed too short and every moment matters and every life that touches another has so much more impact than we realize.


It also makes me realize that we should all be more generous with "I love you..." and "You're a great friend..." and "You are important to me..."  I wish I could let her know that even though we could never quite arrange a proper meet-up, she was indeed a good friend and an inspiration in so many ways.  Because she was.  I will miss her dearly.

As I sit here this afternoon, I'll honor her by having a cookie or she always said, "Life is too short, eat cookies."  So true, it is. The comfort comes in knowing that she is in peace, in the place of her dreams.   Rest in peace, dear Char.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

still here


I'm still here.
Just not so much lately.


Summertime is officially in full-swing
with playing and swimming and heat and sunshine.


We're still doing lessons and reading our books since we don't actually
take an official break in the summer, but the book reading has been fantastic
(I love this exciting!) and the lessons haven't been too bad either.


The girls just had their first sleep-over this week and the boys have
been preoccupied with their new toy (thanks to MawMaw!) and I'm
found most of the time with my head stuck in one of various other books, too.



These photos are from our last outing a couple of weeks ago to a local
resource center for browsing and a picnic.  It was a great day...a cool day.
And, as I suspected, it was definitely the last cool day of the spring.


The last two weeks have been none other than hot.  I mean h.o.t.  Scorching and insanely dry.  The afternoons have just begun  to darken, bringing in some almost showers, leaving us holding our breaths every evening...and hoping for just a bit of rain.


on a photography note, these were the film shots from the day I let my dslr batteries die.  It was Kodak Portra 400NC and for most of the outdoor shots it was definitely not the best choice, but the inside shots were good.  It was, however, the best at the moment since capturing the memories is what it's all about.