Saturday, August 13, 2011


  • the days have been busy, the calendar is full
  • all the busyness has made these first two weeks of August pass by in a blur....and that's good.  
  • August is my least favorite month of the year...usually lingering entirely too long with it's heat and general icky feeling.
  • the boys will start playing their basketball games next week and couldn't be more excited.
  • the girls are begging for gymnastics lessons, but they're pricey, so I'm hoping that I'll come up with a creative way to entice them to choose The Young Runner's Club instead since it's much more affordable.
  • public schools will be in session once again next week....private schools have already begun.  
  • we homeschoolers are finally taking our break this month...a little vacation or, stay-cation, rather...but it really doesn't matter how far you go when you're talking about a a few days away at a waterfront house, lots of fishing and biking, and relaxation.

  • I need to spend some time ordering new math curriculum and getting registered for this upcoming school year
  • I need  to back up my iTunes library, copy some home movies onto dvd, clean out my photoshop files....why are these things SO hard to get in the mood to do?
  • I need to do some fall cleaning....washing curtains and blinds and windows, cleaning my bedroom carpet, painting the boys' bedroom and hall bathroom....this list could grow very quickly.
  • I need, I need, I need..... I'm going to:

  • make scrapbooks with the girls
  • read books with them
  • listen to the boys practice guitar
  • do something in my art journal
  • write in my journal
  • drink coffee
  • laugh
  • play
  • take pictures
  • load some film in my old Minolta
  • cook something delicious
  • wait for my hubby to get home from work...I miss him when he's gone
  • then we'll all play Phase 10
  • and laugh some more
  • and enjoy our time together.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I took a walk....

afternoon light

...with my camera.
I hate to admit it, but it's the
first time I've taken her out in
a long time. 

Since the yard is blooming mushrooms at a
steady pace, I thought that should be
where I begin shooting again.

I've been taking things slow lately, honestly feeling
burned out from so many angles.  I've been spending
less time online and taking care of myself more.
I've been enjoying the sunshine and light of summer
while at the same time I'm in no way enjoying the heat.
I've read some books, thumbed through some
magazines, and watched a few good movies.

looking up

I forget sometimes how much I love taking photos.
I love the way things look through the lens, the way
the world opens up in front of me, allowing me to see
things from the heart.

08 05 11_2413

peeking out

I love the way I notice, with my camera in hand,
the details of the little things I normally overlook
as I rush around letting each day slip by with
hardly a passing thought.  Some days, weeks,
and months even, can be like that....nearly unnoticed.

08 05 11_2415


I don't like being in that state of not-noticing.  I don't like missing the little things
and not trying to capture at least a small moment of each day I've been
given.  I'm trying to come at this anew, from a burned out perspective, shooting
the things I love, processing in whichever way suits my mood at the time,  be it
digital or film, color, black and white, photoshopped or straight out of the camera.
I just want to do what feels right to me, in the moment, for the love of the image
my mind and heart sees.

summer afternoons