Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 : In Review


for dinner tonight

A month of renewal, of cleansing, of eating better, of making plans for the coming year...




The garden was put in and an early spring arrived, lifting the usual February blues.

g i r l s



Antique shopping with my mom and playing with my film camera filled the moments of these beautiful spring days.





Dailiness and focusing on gratitude....I found true joy in the simple things.

every day.



learning to accept

I took an online Creativity Bootcamp course and enjoyed every second of the new-found creative sparks.  We took day trips with the kids enjoying every moment of the final cool days of spring. And, the first picking from the spring garden is always one of the highlights of this time of year.

breakfast 122:365


06 09 11_2266

This was evidently the month of nearly no photo taking.  I never even posted to Flickr during the month of June! {This was a real down-season for me personally} Only about 10 shots for the month, most of which were taken at the local estuarium.  This little shot of some garden goodies was the only other.


07 22 11_2297

Birthday boys...thirteen years and a trip to the naval air station museum, not to mention  the beginnings of basketball.  Fun times all around.

07 21 11_2320


where I've been....

One of the most awesome vacations we've had the pleasure to take and it was basically at our back door.  Gulf Shores was amazingly beautiful and peaceful from our vantage point.

where i've been



Simple days leading into the much-anticipated cooler weather of autumn.


10 01 11_2842

The month of goldenrods, beautiful changing light and Halloween.

morning coffee

10 31 11_3288


November 1 - Habit

I really rediscovered my camera this month and took photos every day.  This month I found so much contentment and thankfulness for even the smallest details of my life.

November 7 - Habit

November 15 - Habit

Books filled the spare moments and a new bird found a home here with Isaac.

11 21 11_3766

November 21 - Habit


19 December

15 December

Handmade gifts, gingerbread houses and gingerbread men, parades and Christmas lights.....

12 03 11_4053

12 23 11_4424

Waiting for Santa, wrapping paper scattered around, stockings stuffed...

12 25 11_4345

12 24 11_4407

12 25 11_4360

Sending wishes for a Merry Christmas to our family and friends....

11 18 11_3702final

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radiantreflections said...

sandra, your year looks so lovely and peaceful. i do hope 2012 is everything you hope it to be and more. xo
ps. wow, the girls look so much like you!