Friday, January 6, 2012

January 1, 2012

The first day of 2012 was spent taking it easy, as was the rest of the first week it seems.  :)

Things have moved along slowly with all of us enjoying the slower pace of no school work just yet and having Daddy home every day this week.

01 01 12_4492

01 01 12_4496

Late, during the first afternoon of the year, we decided to drive down to the beach to watch the sunset and to take in the approaching cold front as it passed through.  The afternoon was perfect for beach walking and treasure hunting with Ethan's new metal detector.

01 01 12_4477

01 01 12_4487

I, of course, played around with the cameras, watching the sunset.  The air changed quickly from very wet and humid to very dry with a north wind blowing in and making our walk back to the car quite chilly.

01 01 12_4510

01 01 12_4508

01 01 12_4512

Night approached quickly and the kids all had flashlights to play around with on our way back in.  We even stopped for a bit to let them play in the playground with their flashlights before we began heading home.

01 01 12_4552

If the first day of 2012 is any indication of the rest of the year to come, things should go along smoothly and simply, filled with beautiful moments.

01 01 12_4556


luksky said...

Beautiful pics! As much as I love where I live there is a part of me that will always long to be closer to the ocean...

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

so lovely, sandra!!

sheof108names said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! Looks like a perfet afternoon. You are lucky to live close to the ocean and be able to watch the sunset over it.