Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Post About Hair...

Lately, the girls and I have been into trying new things with our hair.  This past week I've braided my girls hair into about 12 sections after their nightly shower and they've kept them in to dry overnight.  When they wake the next morning, we slide all the braids loose to find their hair full of little waves.  They love being able to get a little curl to their hair.  Their intentions are to let their hair grow back out so that they can do the sock bun curls that I've found easy to do to mine.


I left a link above that I found which includes many photos of the sock bun process and two short instructional videos also.  However, the video below is the original one I viewed and I followed her advice and I really love the results.

I tried taking a couple of shots in the bathroom this morning to at least give an idea of the results I achieved.   My bathroom is an icky-to-photograph-yellow and my hair is so dark, it's hard to get the details to show through, but this gives a little idea of how the curls turned out.  It was super simple to put into the bun and I pulled the bun out as soon as I woke up and the curls were perfect.

01 28 12_4853

They've held up perfectly all day long today as well.  I'd definitely say that if you'd like to add some soft curl to your long hair, this is a great way to do it.  My hair is naturally curly anyway, but this method gives a softer curl than I normally have and requires no hair products to achieve.  This was washed, blown dry most of the way, and then put into the sock bun.  Nothing else.  I let it out this morning, ran my fingers through a few times and that was it.  Done. Easy peasy!

01 29 12_4871

Now I'm off to search Pinterest for even more hair ideas to pin to my simply : beauty board.


luksky said...

Thanks for the sock bun tip!! Looks like a great way to add a little curl and body to my limp, straight hair.

kylie ~radiantreflections~ said...

can't wait to try this!
i have trouble curling my dead straight hair! have you tried putting the girls hair in rags? i remember my mum doing that when i was small :)

kylie ~radiantreflections~ said...

huhm weird. i have been trying to comment on your posts for a few days (on the older posts ...) and haven't been able to do so. it doesnt think i type in the verification correctly, i even made E come and check that i wasn't mis-reading or typing! anyway ... as soon as i change from openID to my google account, it allows me to post? just wanted to let you know i have been here, reading.

Lina said...

Oh I have to show this to Molly. She's been trying all sorts of new stuff with hair and nails lately, checking out YouTube incessantly for fun ideas. This looks like something she would love.

♥ Amy said...

Gorgeous, Sandra! I tried it on my hair, but my hair is just too long and thin. I ended up with a big tangle and then nothing. Of course, I started out with poker straight hair.
Sarah just asked, "Who is that Mommy?" and I said, "Oh, this is the lady that sent us that angel hanging right there and also the picture in the front of my journal... :)
Have a great day, my friend!