Thursday, January 19, 2012


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  • A random post for many random thoughts lately
  • Days have been full and busy - my mind as well
  • So much to do, so many thoughts to organize lately
  • Hubby's temporarily rearranged work schedule always interrupts my normal groove
  • I'm working toward getting back into my better eating habits. {read: leave the sugar alone!!}
  • My house needs some serious de-cluttering before I lose my mind
  • I need some serious time to myself and am feeling totally burned out lately
  • The laundry stays piled, dust is collecting, the floors need mopping...
  • And, I honestly, at this point, don't even care.  Burned out.  The end.
  • And, how ironic is that?  Especially with the photo I have above of my newest book One Thousand Gifts and my journal that I'm using to fill in all the gifts I see everyday.
  • Some days are like this though...
  • Just a temporary need for a little quiet time, a little time spent off-duty to recharge my mom-battery, that's all.
  • I'm still seeing the blessings, writing them down, taking notice of the details...
  • The days have been quite beautiful lately, many spring-like.  It's been a mild winter so far and I'm feeling okay with that.
  • Music has been playing much of the time - I love Pandora radio.  
  • Watching movies has slipped into the top spot for things I love to spend time doing lately.  Romantic comedies have fit the bill.
  • I took a few self portraits the other day...almost posted one, but didn't.
  • My film camera has been neglected these past several months.
  • I've finally taken time to discover Tumblr.  I really like it now that I've given it a chance.  It's mostly a collection of images that speak to me and maybe some quotes, but basically a place that looks the way my heart feels.  It's nice.
  • I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Mom's Night Out with a few friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  A dinner out and some conversation with a few people that share my heart is a good thing.  

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keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

the decluttering must happen here, as well. it has reached a point that makes me not care about the rest of my house? maybe that's the burn-out issue you're having, as well? this is a tough season. xo