Thursday, February 2, 2012



My word for 2012 is Health.  {February 1st 2nd is a good day to publish a post about a topic that I began on January 1st, right?}

Seriously though, I'm not just talking about the lose fifty pounds kind of health, but the all-encompassing health that includes every facet of life.  The kind of health that improves me physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Sure, continuing to lose weight is still high on my list as I'd love to see the thirty pounds I lost before the Christmas holidays begin to increase.  Thankfully I'm back on track with my healthy eating habits.  I'd also love to include a more habitual exercise routine as well.  {The exercise routine will have to be something very low impact because of an ongoing foot problem that has lasted for the majority of the last year.  After many cortisone shots in the heel to no avail, the custom fit orthotic insoles I recently ordered from my podiatrist are holding much promise.}  I'm thinking along the lines of resistance training as my main method of exercise for now and I can't wait until I can pick up the pace with my iPod and a pair of walking shoes!

Another part of health that I've begun to work on this year is replacing the large majority of my store-bought personal products with homemade versions.  I've already made the switch to homemade lotion, winter hand balm, hand soap, deodorant, and exfoliating scrubs and I love each of them.  The lotion and balm has been perfect, the deodorant was easy to make and surprisingly effective (even more than Tom's of Maine) so far, the hand soap was a no-brainer, and the sugar scrub, of course, is a real treat.  Next up is bar soap and putting together a facial cleanser blend using the oil-cleansing method.  I still have to do some research on shampoo and other hair products since I'm not sure how to make an effective product for my big, sometimes unruly, curly locks.  I also want to work on blending essential oils to add aromatherapy benefits to my products.

Another important thing to me this year is cleaning out mental clutter by eliminating much of its cause:  household clutter.  I seem to be able to fill bags and boxes all year with things to throw away or to give away, there's always something in the back of the van ready for drop off.  I'm not a big fan of buying stuff and I honestly only like the bare minimum and try to buy only what I need.  It's just that what we need with our homeschooling lifestyle can cause massive amounts of surface clutter.  It just seems to be impossible for me to get a hold on the items that are in my house.  Clutter, scatter, and surface messes are all over and I can't seem keep control of them.  I really want control over this issue so I picked up Peter Walsh's book It's All Too Much to hopefully give me tips on  how to actually organize the stuff I do have in my house into a working system that I'll be able to keep up with.

Financial clutter is another area I'm committed to improving this year.  We were surprised blessed with a head start of sorts this year and I intend on making wise use of those resources.  Dave Ramsey has the most appealing solution that I've read about and I can really see how his suggestions can work - and quickly.  I'm excited to see the decrease that will happen this year.

Spirituality is a very important part of health and has always been important to me and for a long while now I've been reading Donald Miller's Blog.  I always appreciate what he has to say and I find lots of inspiration in his viewpoints and also the basic questions that he asks, all  while exploring their answers.  I wanted to start this year with reading one of his books, so I went to the library to pick up Blue Like Jazz, but it was checked out, so I picked up his second book, Searching for God Knows What.  I'm a hundred pages or so into it and am so glad I decided to read it.  He touches on things near and dear to my heart and many things that I believe down into the core of myself to be true. I don't usually talk about my spiritual beliefs and such, but this year I do want to explore my own heart and soul more, becoming more of the person I really am, if that makes sense.

So, all in all, I've expanded Health to its limits and I hope to see improvements as I go through the year.  My success is, of course, all up to me and how committed I really am to achieving my goals.  I finally feel, as I was saying to a friend recently, that I am in control of myself and happy with myself and the wisdom that comes with this stage of life.  It's like all the pieces of me are finally fitting together, becoming whole.  And, that's a good thing.

Happy February!


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

SUCH a good reminder!! thank you for this, sandra. XO

Lina said...

I enjoy Donald Miller as well. .first read Blue Like Jazz several years ago and check the blog often.