Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Morning


  • the fireplace is crackling because after all the rain we finally got chilly enough to pretend we've had a winter
  • a cold breeze is blowing in from the north and I'm watching the already-blooming azaleas sway back and forth
  • the kids are still asleep, the dogs too
  • the girls had a friend spend the night and they stayed up late playing Just Dance on the Wii, followed by late night/early morning movie watching
  • this morning, I also found evidence of middle of the night chip-eating too


  • Emma is reading so well now - it seemed like a struggle this past year to get her over that hump, but now she's reading everything
  • I love how nothing pleases her more than to sit quietly and read to herself - this makes me so happy my heart could burst
  • I think Claire will read a little earlier than Emma since she is really displaying the desire for it all of a sudden - I'm sure that seeing Emma enjoy it so much is having a major influence on her eagerness

02 02 12_4896

  • today I'd like to sit with the girls and make some homemade valentine cards with our fancy markers - that just sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon thing to do
  • I'm still making headway with all the cleaning out I've been doing and I hope to progress even more this morning
  • two loads of stuff already donated to goodwill and more already in the process with some loaded in the van and ready to drop off tomorrow morning
  • it feels so great to let it all go, breaking whatever sort of attachments I had made to it all

02 02 12_4897

  • this morning I'll cook bacon - something I haven't cooked in a very long time
  • and sausage
  • I'm glad the kids requested it, I'm looking forward to it - yum!
  • right now, though, I have dogs to walk
  • and I'm hearing feet shuffling around down the hall
  • and soon things will be loud and smelling like bacon
  • I predict that it's going to be a really good day
Happy Sunday!

1 comment: said...

GREAT pictures! how old is Emma? what grade? i'm really struggling w/Jack (7yrs, 1st grade) & his reading. we need to get him over that "bump." glad to hear Emma has made it!