Tuesday, February 7, 2012


  • is one of the few days we've had this winter where the sun is shining.
  • it's shining right through my window, across my hand as i'm typing.  nice.
  • flickr is having a case of the hiccups, so i can't access my rainy photos to share here.
  • the morning is cool enough to grab a sweater which is better than needing only a tee shirt or tank top.
  • my morning began quietly and slowly since the kids spent the night at my parents' house.  very nice.
  • the coffee i had this morning was so good.  sometimes it just tastes better than other times, you know.
  • will be a relaxed school day, only the girls' lessons to deal with and the boys are out the door for guitar lessons.
  • i may begin my initial purge of surface clutter in the rooms of my house before i get into the more detailed purging outlined in this book.
  • i want to spend a solid chunk of time trying to finish this book, but most likely it'll have to wait until the evening hours.
  • laundry is high on the to-do list since i've barely done any at all for two days.  what was i thinking?
  • i opened my blogger draft folder to find many posts drafted up, but never published.  i need to work on those.
  • i need to finish my last roll of film.  sadly it's been hanging out for several months, unfinished.  
  • i'm feeling better and more energetic and clear-minded since getting back into my healthy eating habits.  i've even lost a few pounds this week, putting me back at my lowest pre-holiday weight.  so, from here on out, it's  all down hill and i'm excited.
  • i've been listening to this piece of music....it's addictive and is on replay.

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www.atpeacewithcrazy.com said...

oh man. i've been getting rid of so much lately, it feels great! my friend has a blog: www.lovingsimpleliving.com
she has gone minimalist & while i admire her i don't think i could go that far. after all our moves we've gotten rid of so much but somehow i keep finding more to get rid of.