Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beach Day (and a Video!)

04 27 12_5680

One of the best parts about homeschooling is the option we have of taking days like this - days during the week to unwind and take in life, in the moment.  Fridays are actually our family's interpretation of everyone else's Sundays and this one was a great one.

04 27 12_5683

The skies were bright blue with puffy white clouds here and there, the temps had warmed considerably and the water was still and cool.

04 27 12_5681

04 27 12_5689

Fishing lines were cast right from the beach and cast nets were thrown over and over gathering all sorts of fish to inspect before sending them back to the water.

04 27 12_5688

The girls played in the sand and swam in the shallow water while collecting shells and little fish to put in their self-made, water-edge pond.

04 27 12_5690

I stuck my happy toes in the sand, played around with my cameras, and watched the little moments unfold, recording them to my memory as best I can.  After a while I opened a new book I picked up at the library and so far it has me hooked with its honesty and wit.  I can't wait to finish the next two-thirds.

04 27 12_5692

04 27 12_5693

04 27 12_5694

When our day was done and our skin was pink and our bodies were tired, we headed back home, but not before a stop at the snocone shop.

04 27 12_5697


And, for something totally different for me, I made a video!  It is a collection of clips from yesterday's trip to the beach along with a little happy music.  This is my very first attempt at video editing of any kind, so although it could stand some improvement, I'm fairly satisfied with the results.

Happy Weekending to you!


luksky said...

Ahhhh...the beach! It's funny the only thing Summer tends to remember about living in Mobile is going to the

We live a little farther from the beach now, but we still make it a point to go at least twice a year just because the beach is so ingrained in all of our blood.

You did a SUPERB job on the video!

radiantreflections said...

i am missing the beach, so much. although i do still love the beach in winter, we haven't been lately - i need to feel the sand between my toes.
lovely images and you did wonderfully with the video! making videos is something i would love to get into!