Wednesday, April 18, 2012


early morning me

  • This instrumental cover by John Mayer made me happy this morning.
  • This morning I awoke super early with allergy eyes...really puffy allergy eyes.  ick.
  • This morning I paused for a self-portrait, hiding those eyes behind the lens.
  • Over the past two weeks my house has gone from a drab and dull shade of gray with black shutters, to a new and fresh shade of greenish gray with white trim and red shutters.  It's amazing how that outward appearance made me feel so much better...maybe it's largely due to the amount of hard work put into each brush stroke.
  • It feels great to have spent most every day of the last two weeks outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  I never even turned on a radio or put on my iPod, I chose to listen to the birds and the breeze and the kids.  Peaceful in every way.
  • My first baby girl will turn nine years old on Sunday.  Unbelievable.
  • I took her, her little sister, and their good friend out for lunch and some shopping on Monday.  A fun girls' day out was what we all needed.
  • I'm trying to decide whether to cut some of my hair or not.
  • I'm heading to the library today to check out the audio book version of Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth.  I have previously read the book, but want to listen to it this time.  My self-sabotage needs  to stop because it continually gets worse.  It's time to get some things figured out, once and for all.
  • I'm thinking of signing up for Now:You, a self-portrait e-course.  I'll have to decide quickly before registration ends Friday night.  This could potentially be a huge help for my previous point.
  • This blog post from Tara Whitney really hit home for me.  I've read it several times this week and each time I feel like screaming a big, loud 'YES!'
  • I feel like I have all the pieces of my puzzle, but still am having a hard time fitting them all together.
  • I'm disappointed that this movie isn't in a theater near me.  If it was, I know where I'd be today.
  • Today I'll think happy thoughts, remember my blessings, and let go of the things I can't control.  Basically, I think I'll recite the Serenity Prayer over and over again.
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radiantreflections said...

this - "I feel like I have all the pieces of my puzzle, but still am having a hard time fitting them all together." so true for me right now.