Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don't Mind Me...

I just entered the world of iPhone and for me, that means Instagram, which also means that this blog might actually be updated a little more often.  I've been wanting to upgrade from my little old flip phone for a long time now, but I hated to take the leap into smart phones.  But, since the release of iPhone 4S and its 8mp still camera and its 1080p video camera, I have been dying to get my hands on it.  The only thing I hated about it was any increase in my monthly wireless bill.  All in all, since I declined texting (I think its funny that folks pay $30 per month extra on their phone bills for texting so that they don't actually have to speak to someone, LOL!), there was only an increase of about $10, so that's do-able when I consider the never ending list of perks from the phone.  And, seriously, the cost of texting!  Are people really paying that much to text!?

Anyhoo...on to the fun part - Instagram!  Here are some of my first uploads and I think I'm in love.

Before the rain.
Magnolias before the rain...

A day at the park...

Chopping peppers to freeze...

And, just me.

 Hi!  I'll see you around.

{If you want to look me up on Instagram, you can find me @sandralundy}

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Julie said...

oooh, fun!! :) I love Instagram! I have it on my ipod and use it all the time. The only downside is that I tend to neglect my "real camera" because it takes more effort, ya know? Or maybe that's just a pregnancy thing! :)