Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Girls

I did a little spring photo shoot with my girls this past weekend.  We have a large field of wheat growing across the street from our house and I knew that would be the perfect spot in the late afternoon light.

As I was editing, I couldn't decide if I liked the black and white or color versions better, so here's a little mix-up of my favorites.

04 28 12_5792

04 28 12_5794 1

04 28 12_5806

04 28 12_5803 1

04 28 12_5790 1

04 28 12_5776 1

04 28 12_5782 tex

04 28 12_5775

04 28 12_5785

The days lately have been full and warm and bright and beautiful.
This particular Saturday afternoon was no different.
Springtime has been very, very good to us this year.


luksky said...

Typically I like black and white shots the best, but I really love the color shots the best in these particular photos. The color contrasts and shades are beautiful...just in case you were asking for opinions. :-)

♥ Amy said...

Lovely pictures of your truly beautiful girls. Emma is a little replica of her momma and Claire's freckles are delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Beautiful!!! I'd have a hard time choosing between the B/W and color too! :)

radiantreflections said...

gorgeous! they all are wonderful, but i especially love the colour images! (and that last shot!! hehe)