Friday, June 15, 2012

The last two weeks

It's really funny how fast time slips by.  Last week I had my Insta-Friday post ready and still I didn't get take a moment to actually click publish.  Then the weekend was here and things were busy, then the new week began and we fought with power outages and downpours, then I realize that another Friday is here.  So this is a two-in-one deal.  I'm just proud of myself for staying in a 365 commitment for 35 days already!

June 2:

I had a bit of quiet time on this afternoon so I chose to spend it watching a movie that I had been wanting to see.  I loved it - very suspenseful, perfect.

For me - on this quiet afternoon.

June 3:

A turkey burger for lunch with avocado, tomato and spring mix was SO good!  The afternoon was spent baking bread, learning to count money and even checking out a pair of Walking Sticks....ick!

Lunch:  turkey burger with avocado and tomato.  Yum!

Learning to count money.

A pair of creepy crawlers.  #walkingsticks

Baked two loaves of bread and put up 3 quarts of this year's excess tomatoes.  I'll can the next round of excess.  Oh, and that fresh bread is so good!  I can't imagine why I took such a long break from making it.

June 4:

A few minutes to read before the evening rush, then we ended the night with a power outage.

A few quiet minutes to read this afternoon, before the busy evening hats started.

Power outage...


The sun rising is always a beautiful sight.


June 6:

A colorful morning spent drawing with markers and some school work, followed by a little house-cleaning in the afternoon, and the delicious smell of onions, celery and bell pepper sauteeing for dinner.

Colorful morning

It smells so good in my house right now.

June 7:

She was insistent on going with me to the grocery store.  I told her we would not break for snacks....and you can see how that went.  I had a plain coffee.  :)
Oh, and it was also a pizza night.

I told her we wouldn't break for snacks...

Pizza night!


June 8:

We took a little ride along the beach and then came back home to finish up the red velvet cake I made for my mom's birthday.

Heading out

Red velvet birthday cake for my mom!

June 9:

We awoke to a downpour that lasted about 4 days.  SO much rain!  We spent the dark day in our pajamas, practicing reading, then watching tv.

Rain is an understatement.  Ick!

Reading practice In our pajamas in the afternoon: these are the things we do during a relentless downpour.

June 10:

Oh the rain that had collected in our yard.  Splish splash everywhere we went.  I  need to make myself buy some wellies.  But, to brighten a totally dark and dreary day, Darrell came home to surprise our boys with their very own boat!  They were excited and cannot wait to get it into the water.  Fun times will definitely be had this summer!

Oh, the rain we've had this weekend...  I'm looking forward to the sun later this week!

Happy boys with their new boat their daddy surprised them with tonight!

June 11:

Another dreary one....painting is on the to-do list for fun.  And, a salad bar spread out for dinner.  Yum!

She loves painting

Salad bar!

June 12:

We had just a bit of a break in the rain this morning.  It was enough to let in a bit of sunshine to have with my breakfast.  Instant mood lifter!

Breakfast and sunshine.  It's so good to see the light again after a long week of heavy rains.

June 13:

A busy day on tap, but I do take time to notice all the gorgeous blooms from Isaac's sunflower patch while I walk the dog.  Our day includes two orthodontist appointments, a request for Steak and Shake from my two boys (who insist on hiding from every.single.picture), followed by a trip to Starbucks and Target.

Good morning!

The orthodontist has a coffee station.  I may can handle two appointments this morning after all.

Agh...two 13 year olds and this is a good a snapshots go unless I'm in stealth mode.

Fresh brewed.


June 14:

A date-day with my sweetheart.  We ended up going all over today, filing registration for the new boat, breakfast out at a favorite restaurant, a little Father's Day shopping, a little antiquing, then lunch at a recommended authentic Mexican restaurant and I have to say that it was the best Mexican food I've ever eaten.  The day alone together was SO needed.

From yesterday... A date out with my sweetheart, having what is most likely the best Mexican food I've ever had.

From yesterday...we even hit the antique shops together,

At the end of the day.  #photoaday

June 15:

Honestly, there is not much going on today.  A little laundry, a little nail painting, a little visiting, a little tv watching, a little more rain.

Peach Daiquiri - the color.  Now if I just had a real one...

So....there is my two-fer.  Two weeks that slip by so very quickly.  I'm glad I decided to pay attention to the little things.

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Lina said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful and inspiring. I want that red velvet cake btw!!! YUM.