Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Days

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Our school days have returned, and along with them the more normal and predictable routine that I love.

Late last spring I was having a hard time with this whole homeschooling choice.  I was plagued with doubts, I was irritated by the dailiness of it all, I was overwhelmed by the non-stop mental aspect and the equally incessant mom-on-duty 24/7 aspect.  I wasn't intending on taking a summer break, but somewhere around late June I decided that it was in our best interest, most especially my own, to take a break and relax.  I'm so glad I did.  I tried to just let it all go.  No thinking about it, no browsing homeschool websites or curriculum sites.  No planning or thinking of schedules.  No worrying about how far behind we may be or anything else.  I just released it all.

Then out of the blue, the desire returned with the changing seasons.  There's something about the shift of light in the fall and crisp mornings that make you crave oatmeal and school supplies you know.  :)

When that day of desire came I pulled the books back out, sent off this year's registration to the same cover school that I intended on changing but had lost all desire to even think it through, and we started.  Slowly but surely, finishing what we left dangling in my overwhelmed fog.  We're finally feeling the rhythm and sense of ease return to our days.  It feels good.  But most importantly, it feels right.  We are exactly where we belong and I am so happy for it.

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♥ Amy said...

Yeah, so happy for you, too. Breaks are good. :)