Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Morning

From earlier today.  The girls were asleep in the backseat on the way home from church.  ❤

  • I woke up a little late thanks to the snooze button, but not nearly as late as I did yesterday morning.  It seems like I can't get quite enough sleep these last few days.  That's okay...I'll just go with it.  {From the photo above, it seems I'm not alone in my quest for a few more minutes of sleep}
  • I peeled chewed gum from my computer desk, from the counters in the kitchen, and also from the refrigerator shelf.  I suppose someone decided to keep it a while longer by sticking it in the fridge, but it turned into a hard pebble.  I really need to remind the kids again where chewed gum should go when they're finished with it.
  • I've read a few blog posts.
  • I've had two cups of coffee.
  • I'm thinking about the boys' last basketball game tonight.  I'm sad that the season is over.  I wish I could extend it by a few more weeks...or months... for them.  They love it.  We all do.  
  • I'll try to talk them into volunteering to help coach the younger kids later this year when the winter basketball season starts.  I think they'd really benefit from that experience and I know they'd enjoy it, too.
  • Speaking of basketball, there are two uniforms waiting to be washed...since Thursday.  Good grief, they'll need those tonight.  I had better get on that, pronto.
It's that time again!
  • I should be showering now instead of writing a blog post, but I'm feeling unmotivated to get the day started.  The peace and quiet in the house right now is blissful.
  • I'm looking at dirty, old floors, that even when I spend backbreaking hours cleaning them, they still look, well, old and dirty.  I'd love new floors, but until that happens I suppose a mop will have to do.
  • I want breakfast and I'm sure the kids will want breakfast, but I really don't want to make it.  Sad.
  • I'm planning tonight's dinner for the crock pot.  It'll be nice to come home to a hot meal, ready to eat. 
Dinner tonight.
  • With every ray of morning sunlight entering the windows, our three birds are getting friskier.  They are absolutely loud at this moment.  So much for the peace and quiet of earlier.
  • School work is waiting for us and is totally mocking at me right now as I put off waking the kids.  You would think I'd know better than to procrastinate at this stage of the game.  Oh well.
  • Then sometimes there is a legitimate need for some quiet alone time to think, to listen, to write, to just be.  And, being a homeschooling mom, those moments of solitude just don't come around very often.  It's in times like these that we just take what we need.  
  • Ahhh!  Now, that feels better.  I'm off to start my day!


radiantreflections said...

i have been waking a little too early the past few days, this should be a good thing, but its not good to start the day with disappointment when i look at the clock!
i love this thoughts post, sandra, and yes- we should take these moments alone to soak in the silence.
good to see you writing here xox

ps. i have those types of floors too. never do they look clean, oh how i wish for new floors!

christina said...

your days sound busy and lovely. i am so happy there are moments of solitude in your days.
do you put your cabbage in the crock pot? i love cabbage.