Saturday, October 6, 2012

His Day

My husband is a quiet, humble man, reserving himself only for those closest to him.  He'll never be the obnoxious guy or the life of the party.  He's the one sitting way over there in the corner telling jokes and funny stories to a few people in a small circle, having them all laughing and nearly rolling in the aisles.

He's the kind of father that every kid wants, the kind that every man hopes to be, and the kind that every woman desires to bless her kids with when the time comes.  He's attentive and gives every last ounce of his time and energy to our kids.  I can honestly say that there isn't one thing I could add or take away to make a better father for my kids.

He's the kind of husband that I always dreamed of having, but everyday I still can't believe that he and his goodness are mine.  He amazes me every single day and I sincerely mean that.  I have not regretted one moment of our 23 years together.  When things are good, he's there cheering along with me.  When things are bad he's there, holding me up.  When I'm bad, all a mess and crumbling down in an ugly heap that he can't understand, he's still there, taking my hand and leading me back.

He sacrifices so much; he is steadfast and devoted.  He loves fiercely, he has a quiet but hilarious sense of humor, and I'm proud to call him my soul mate.  Today is his 42nd birthday and today I celebrate him and all the goodness that he brings to this world.

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♥ Amy said...

So special, Sandra. I am happy for you both.