Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sugar High

For my husband's birthday last week, I made The Pioneer Woman's Big Chocolate Birthday Cake.  It was divine.  Four full, nine inch layers, each slathered with the most fluffy, whipped chocolate frosting, then piled high with chocolate shavings.  It was honestly the very best homemade chocolate cake I've ever eaten.  And, best of all, he loved it.

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My birthday followed four days after his and my mom and kids made me a yummy red velvet cake topped with pecans.  It was just as delicious as it looks.

This red velvet is soon to be mine!  Mmmm!

Me, at thirty-eight.


My dad's birthday followed two days after mine and my mom made him his favorite homemade carrot cake.  I don't know if anything can really top carrot cake.  So delicious!  {That chocolate cake was there for the crazies who didn't like carrot cake.  I can't imagine...}


The very next day was our girls' neighbor-friend's thirteenth birthday.  And, since she had eaten some of Darrell's birthday cake, she asked me if I would make her one, too.  I obliged.  I love the pink curls combined with the chocolate.  So pretty and the perfect girly chocolate cake I think.

And, another Big Chocolate Birthday Cake.  This time with some pink curls for a lovely girl turning thirteen today.  #thepioneerwoman

Now you can see why I titled this post Sugar High.  I think I'm still coming down from the week long sugar marathon, hence my lack of lack of being able to string two thoughts together.  Anyway, this past week has been delicious in so many ways.

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