Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where did November go?

November started out with me feeling inspired to capture every day in photos the same as I did last year.  I was looking forward to it actually, but then things worked themselves out in another way.  I took mindfulness to a higher level than just viewing it through my lens.  I started putting things in motion and spending more time with my kids. I even began redecorating a few rooms in the house that were in desperate need of it and have been for years.  So, for the time with my kids and the redecorating that was done, I am most thankful.  Among the few things I did capture with my camera were these:

My green bathroom, which must be green because of the green fixtures as you can see, got quite an updating in color and style from its original, tired, beat up, green paint and scratched cabinets and baseboards.  I should have taken a before photo, but didn't bother, I just wanted it updated and with curtains and a nice shower curtain and a few nice pieces hanging on the walls.  I'm so happy with Martha Stewart's Sea Anemone color in here.  It's very light and airy, but still slightly green.
green bathroom Collage
Our second bathroom just got a good scrubbing and a new valance of sorts.  I found this one single yellow and brown panel at our Dirt Cheap store for only $3 and just tied it up on the existing curtain rod hooks with some rubber bands.  Simple and cheap.  I like it.

Then I moved on to the boys' room.  Their room was the worst.  The Behr Wasabi Green was in dire need of a good update.  It hadn't been painted in about 10 years, so you can imagine the condition of the walls and such after two little boys had lived in it for so long.  We emptied their room of all the posters and little boy collections, painted the walls a very light khaki color, Lowe's Cliveden to be exact and trimmed it all in Behr's Ultra Bright White.  We added red and khaki accessories a contemporary floor lamp with some shelving and even a Christmas tree of their own to finish it off.  It's SO nice in there now.  We're hoping Santa can come through with a new futon to complete it.  Fingers crossed!

PicMonkey Collage

We lit the first fire of the season while my girls were browsing (and making a ridiculously long Christmas list from) the American Girl doll catalog.


A spontaneous lunch out after church and some silly dancing in the big bathroom mirror.


The first roasted butternut squash we had eaten this fall.

10 11 12_6830

The kids made a Thanksgiving tree.

10 29 12_6803
*photo by Emma

And, a Thanksgiving lapbook.

10 29 12_6805
*photo by Emma

I had a doctor's appointment from which I received good test results.  And, it seems that this is what I do when I find myself alone in an elevator...


We began our Christmas decorating and Emma took a photo of one of my decorative plates.

10 29 12_6813
*photo by Emma

This was from last Wednesday's early morning out shopping while Darrell stayed behind with the kids.  The sun was beautiful as it poured in from behind the clouds.

Gorgeous early morning for some Christmas shopping.

The girls and I rekindled our love for the game Operation.  So funny to try a hundred times to get the same part out with no luck!

Time for an operation. I forget how much fun this game is!

Last night I picked the first collard greens from our fall garden.  They were so good and they were all I had for dinner along with a piece (or two) of cornbread.  My oh my, I could eat that meal every day...three times a day!

Tonight's dinner from the garden.

And, last but not least, we adopted our very own Elf on the Shelf this year and last night was his first night on duty!  I'm looking forward to the kids' reactions to him every morning as they see what he has been up to as they slept.  He's such a cute little guy!  Of course, the girls named him Buddy.

10 30 12_6735

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