Monday, March 19, 2012

The Golden Hour


Springtime sunshine is the best.
It's golden and bright and warm and rejuvenating.

the golden hour

It brings the earth back to life
and along with it,
we are awakened as well.

the golden hour II

Things have been really good lately.
I feel great, my mind is clearer,
my focus is good.


I'm sure this golden hour each day
has something to do with it. And, tomorrow
it becomes official.

Happy Springtime!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


While making dinner a couple of nights ago, I looked out my kitchen window and saw my family sitting out at the picnic table, waiting for me to join them.  I had already made them hamburgers and oven fries and was waiting on my piece of chicken breast to finish on the grill so that I could take my dinner outside with them.  

We ate and drank and laughed.  We watched the kids ride each other around on the 4-wheeler for a bit and laughed at Cooper as he shot out of his cage and straight for the picnic table to search for any food that may have been dropped.

P3154671 1

P3154670 1

I took a few photos and then we all hopped on the golf cart to ride around the neighborhood.  The boys chose to ride their bikes alongside.  We ended up in a grassy field as the sun was in it's prime.  This springtime sun has been beautiful and warm and rejuvenating.


P3154675 1

P3154685 1


It was a perfect afternoon and evening in every way.  The last few days have been really great, too.  The kind of great where you feel alert, on top of things, in the moment, and fully present.  The kind of great where a messy house can't even attempt to make it less than.  These days really are good.


And, as an aside, I thought this bit of advice was dead-on, and something that would do us all good to remember:

1. Don’t gossip. Whatever you hear doesn’t really matter. Lets just not spread anything.
2. Admit this is an unfortunate situation but also that people are human and flawed and we all have our crap. It would be a mistake to demonize anybody.
3. Pray that those who need help get help.
4. Move on. Don’t dwell on this story because this story is a distraction. Keep working for great causes.
God works in the world the way crops are grown. He works slowly, with teams of people, quietly and through relationships. For all of us hoping for an explosive, sudden jolt, just know it isn’t natural and it jacks with your mind. Keep working, daily, digging our rows and harvesting our crops. Play your small part in the grand epic. Keep your head down, and don’t enjoy anybody else’s mistakes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning, Noon, and Night






P3104641 edit

P3104642 edit



P3104650 edit


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me, Lately, in Single Words