Saturday, May 26, 2012

Insta-Friday on Saturday

Yesterday was crazy-busy, so I never had the chance to sit down and do another Insta-Friday post like last week.  So this is my Insta-Friday-On-Saturday post.  :)

May 19:

Just me:
Happy Saturday!

The sunflowers were thirsty.  It's hot out there.


Lunch outside after a long morning of yard work:
Cleaned the yard all morning, now time for lunch at the picnic table.

Early bedtime after a long night up with a friend:
She's pooped.  And, so am I.  I'm glad bedtime came early tonight.

May 21:

Cold and Sweet:
Cold and sweet

Homeschool reality:
Right now.

May 22:

To the doctor for some eczema treatment:

After the doctor's visit, we did some shopping and I picked up a little something for myself.  Every song is awesome...I can't even pick a favorite yet.
So good.

May 23:

Creepy McCreepster was waiting in my coffee cup (!!!) to say good morning.
Look who totally freaked me out this morning as I went to pour my first cup! Creepy McCreepster!

Ethan baked chocolate fudge cookies.  All by himself.  They were sooo good!

Chocolate Fudge Cookies that my boy made all by himself tonight. They're delicious!

May 24:

Lunch was delicious.  Salad with strawberries, pan-toasted pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette.
Lunch today:  salad with strawberries and roasted pecans with a bit of Balsamic vinaigrette.

Taco night:
Taco night

May 25:

Waiting at the playhouse for Snoopy: The Musical

Seated and waiting for showtime

The girls brought along a friend and we had front row seats.
Out with the girls

From the front row

This past week was definitely a good one!  I wanted to make more of an effort to blog here during the week, but never sat down to do it.  I have quite a handful of drafts in my drafts folder waiting to be posted.  Some are waiting on my time, some are waiting on a bit of finishing, and many are waiting on the courage to click 'publish.'  I'm working on all of it.

Happy Weekending to you!

Friday, May 18, 2012


life rearranged

This week I'm joining in with Insta-Friday at Life.Rearranged.  I have always loved seeing what everyone else was able to capture all week long on their phone cameras, so I'm happy to finally be joining in!

Saturday, May 12:  Me and my slowly progressing potted bell pepper.

From where I stand

Sunday, May 13:  Mother's Day goodness.

Wishing all you beautiful mothers a happy Mother's Day.


Monday, May 14:  Making butterflies.

Making butterflies

Tuesday, May 15:  Trip to the market.



First peaches of the season



Today at the market


Wednesday, May 16:  I made myself a veggie quiche for breakfast:

Making quiche for breakfast

So good.

I helped my brother with some painting in his new house.

I'm the painter's helper.

My girls napped.  They do every time they spend the night away from home.

They nap. Every time they spend the night away.

Wednesday evening Darrell made us all a peach pie with fresh peaches.  He made two of them actually and they were so delicious.  Perfectly sweet and tangy.
My husband made peach pie.

Thursday, May 17:  This girl escaped the pen.


I watched my girls swim and take it easy in the sun while talking to each other.

Taking it easy.

I cleaned out the girls' bedroom.  It needed it so very badly.
Cleaning out the girls' room today.

Friday, May 18:  I spied a little mushroom on my way out to the garden


I picked a large handful of tomatoes.
I'm thinking tomato sandwiches for breakfast.

And, I ate them for breakfast.  Darrell made me a little open-faced sandwich with toasted Ezekiel bread and a little mayo.  I think this may be the very best way to eat fresh tomatoes.  I know I could make three meals a day out of it.    SO good!
Yep. On toasted Ezekiel with a little mayo.


So, that's my week.
The good stuff really is in the details.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Day at the Park : In Photos

There were ducks.
There were geese.
And, they were adorable.

I'll let the photos tell the story:

05 10 12_6278



05 10 12_6262


05 10 12_6269

05 10 12_6272

05 10 12_6276

05 10 12_6282

05 10 12_6284

05 10 12_6285

05 10 12_6286

After the park visit, we ended up at a pier a mile or two away to let the boys practice throwing their cast net.  And, we had a guest for lunch.  ;)

05 10 12_6290

05 10 12_6291

05 10 12_6294

05 10 12_6299

This was one of those days that can only describe as perfect.  The weather was incredible, the sun was shining, the kids were in a good mood, we had ice cream for lunch and possibly a doughnut or two.  We walked in shops, drank Coke, crossed streets holding hands, fed ducks and geese, caught fish in a net, let most of them go back to their watery home, rode around in the car admiring the waterfront homes, and just generally being out together, having fun.  It was such a good day.