Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Light

come forth

I saw this rare moment of February light the other afternoon while walking the dog and had to hurry him along so I could go back inside and grab my camera before it was gone.

01 20 13_7475

The sun was at a low angle late in the afternoon, perfectly illuminating these tiny patches of moss under the oak trees.


Even after fighting all week with what I'm sure was a case of the flu, I ran back outside to breathe in the sunlight from a belly-position in the leaves with my camera at my eye.


It felt awesome to see the light and capture what I could with my camera.  Then it got me to thinking about springtime and flowers and breezes and sand and waves and eventually our summer trip to the beach house.  It felt like I was coming back to life much like the earth around me.

01 20 13_7484

As the end of February draws near, my anticipation for what else this year has to hold has me feeling very happy and content.


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

so beautiful ... the pictures AND your words. xo

luksky said...

Beautiful pics!! I agree, I am looking forward to all the year has to offer.

♥ Amy said...

I can so relate to the therapy that getting down in awkward poses to capture the light and the tiny details brings. Your photography always inspires me. Hope you are well, my friend.